Meetup with Jesse to Discuss ‘The Business of Design’

Meetup with Jesse to Discuss ‘The Business of Design’

On Tuesday, April 17th, the St. Louis Design Meetup Group will discuss ‘The Business of Design’ at Atomicdust. Jesse McGowan, Account Director at Atomicdust, will highlight the gap between education and actually working for a living, the commoditization of design, and the process of getting bigger, better work.

The St. Louis Design Meetup is a group of area design and illustration professionals interested in networking, collaboration and socializing. Their meetups cover topics related to print, web, interactive, packaging, image and experience design. Their April event, ‘The Business of Design,’ will take place right here at Atomicdust on Tuesday, April 17th. 

To find out about more marketing, design and social media events happening in St. Louis this month, check out our April Events Calendar.

Tara Nesbitt

Tara Nesbitt is inspired by the creative culture at Atomicdust, and enjoys coming to work every morning to ignite new, exciting ideas for clients. As Online Marketing Coordinator, she works closely with our clients to develop and deliver compelling content through social media channels – and to measure its effectiveness.

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