Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

These one- and two-day workshops are led by members of the Atomicdust team, but we’re just the spark. We’ve created an intense experience that will challenge your team to think about your marketing and branding challenges in new ways – because that’s the best way to find solutions that work, and separate you from the competition.

Our workshops take place outside our office and yours, far away from the day-to-day routine. It’s a tightly scheduled yet fluid approach that will force you and your team to focus your thinking on specific, sometimes difficult questions.

We talk. We write. We laugh. We put sticky notes on boards throughout the room. And through the process, we help you get to know your strengths and understand where you can go from here.

Every Brand Workshop is different. After the Atomicdust Brand Workshop, you may walk away with:
  • A better understanding of yourself, your customers and your competition
  • A brand narrative, or story about why you do what you do
  • Brand positioning language, to clearly state what you do and for whom
  • “Supporting points” or brand pillars that further explain your core differentiators
  • A brand or product architecture that aligns with your customers’ needs
  • A customer experience map, to identify new opportunities
  • A sitemap or plan for your upcoming website, based on your customers’ purchasing process.