Creative for All: Bringing Cheree Berry Paper to Target and Paperless Post

Creative for All: Bringing Cheree Berry Paper to Target and Paperless Post

As St. Louis creatives, we’re longtime fans of Cheree Berry and her team’s work. So imagine our delight when they turned to Atomicdust earlier this year for marketing help.

Cheree Berry Paper is best known for their custom wedding invitations, corporate event collateral and other quality stationary and paper goods.

They’ve done work for high-profile names like Chelsea Clinton and Ellie Kemper, and have been featured in The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings and Southern Living. Locally, we fawn over over their printed pieces every year in the AIGA Design Show. (You never need to read the nameplates to recognize a Cheree Berry Paper design.)

Cheree Berry Paper’s custom business was already successful thanks to referrals, national press and word of mouth, but as they prepared for a big announcement – really big – they knew they needed a more formal marketing effort.

Cheree Berry Paper was preparing to launch on a national scale, with exclusive lines coming to Target and Paperless Post. They needed a more concentrated effort to inform their current customers and build excitement, as well as introduce the brand to those that had never heard of Cheree Berry Paper.


We started off with a half-day workshop to get to know the team, their audiences and the product lines that would soon be hitting shelves (literal and virtual) nationwide. We spent hours discussing who our Target shopper was and what else she had in her cart. We debated over when you’d choose Paperless Post’s printed versions over the faster, digital option (“the third kid’s fifth birthday”).

And we talked about what these new off-the-shelf lines had in common with what Cheree Berry Paper was known for — quality, custom, one-of-a-kind creations. In our discussions, a line from shared design idols, Charles and Ray Eames, came to mind: “We want to make the best for the most for the least.”

With the launch at Target and Paperless Post, Cheree Berry Paper was bringing “Creative For All.”

Once we had our theme, we started thinking tactically. The Cheree Berry Paper team was handling most of the creative, so we helped them think through a messaging strategy. How should the collaborations be presented on their new website? How often should they send out emails — and what should they say? How could they get the most out of Instagram, their most popular social media channel?

Collaborating with the Cheree Berry Paper team, we created a series of short Instagram videos to show off the lines. Designed specifically for social media viewing (and sharing!), the sneak peeks introduce the products and the Cheree Berry brand — all in less than 60 seconds.

We now interrupt the filming of this stationery product to bring you this Instagram post. #wearepaperpeople #creativeforall

A photo posted by Cheree Berry Paper (@chereeberrypaper) on

Working with Cheree and her team has been a dream and we can’t wait to see what’s next for Cheree Berry Paper. You can find the new lines at Target in the stationary aisle or online at Paperless Post. Might be a great time to start looking at holiday cards

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