Julie Rechtien

Senior Copywriter

    After getting interested in marketing on an agency tour, Julie graduated with a bachelor’s in marketing and advertising communications from Webster University. With experience working both client- and agency-side, her writing has appeared everywhere from radio and press releases to ice cream wrappers and tarot cards.

    Julie’s expertise lies in taking complex ideas and turning them into conversational copy that can be understood and appreciated by anyone. She loves having the opportunity to work with a wide range of companies of different sizes, industries and locations, and enjoys mastering and refining the brand voice for each.

    Her talents and passions don’t stop at copywriting: she produces a newsletter dedicated to cold brew coffee and is a fan of any and all reality TV on Bravo. She’s also one half of a duo behind a custom button company—her creations have appeared on celebs like Ted Danson and the cast of The Good Place.