Rottler’s Evolution: A New Approach to Pest Control Branding

Rottler’s Evolution: A New Approach to Pest Control Branding

Ever had a mouse in your house? A mole making holes in your flower beds? A wasp nest that made you nervous?

If you haven’t experienced it firsthand, I’m sure you can imagine being faced with a pest problem—a common issue that, let’s be honest, has affected most of us at some point or another. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of pests for good. But fortunately, we aren’t alone in our efforts to keep them away. If you’re in Missouri, you’re likely familiar with Rottler Pest Solutions. Maybe you’ve seen their trucks on the road, spotted their name at a Cardinal’s game, or even had a technician out to treat your home. 

It’s a family-owned company with a great reputation in the local market, so you may not think they had a reason to revisit their branding. But their passion for customer service and effective pest control wasn’t coming across in their marketing, especially in markets outside of St. Louis, where the brand had little awareness but a lot of opportunity to grow. 

They came to Atomicdust for help creating a more consistent and flexible brand identity. 


Pest Control Branding 101

The cool thing about working at a branding and marketing agency? Not only do we follow the innovations, trends and news of our own industry—we also study the industries our clients compete in. 

Though we’re not a pest control company, we quickly needed to know the ins and outs of the field, so we could emphasize what sets Rottler apart in the crowded category.  

The Atomicdust team works on the Rottler brand identity

Luckily, our research process is designed to get us up to speed, and fast. We interviewed members of the Rottler team, analyzed their current marketing assets, read customer reviews, studied their residential and commercial audiences, and evaluated what competitors were doing.

We noticed an interesting pattern.

While national competitors have a strong, consistent look that comes across in their marketing and teams, they lack the personal touch—or the pest knowledge—of a local company. 

And the local companies lacked the expertise and buttoned-up appearance of the big brands. 

Rottler had the opportunity to show customers they offered the best of both worlds—with personalized service and regional expertise delivered by a friendly, professional team. 


What makes you tick?

Rottler’s expertise and passion for the pest control industry was clear—and their Midwestern charm was clearly winning customers’ appreciation and loyalty. Customers frequently highlighted how technicians went above and beyond in their service. 

This level of personal engagement and care was a significant differentiator for Rottler, yet it was a narrative missing from their marketing.

Existing marketing materials for Rottler Pest Solutions were heavy on offers and transactional information

Heavy on offers, coupons and straightforward service information, Rottler’s direct mailers, email communications, print ads and digital ads were efficient—but lacking emotion. They promoted transactions more than a lasting partnership. 

Our challenge was to weave the stories of dedication, care and personal touch into Rottler’s brand. 

We needed to make sure the brand was not just seen, but felt.


Building a buzzworthy pest control brand

Armed with insights, we set out to create a pest control brand identity that would resonate with audiences. 

We kept the messaging simple but significant:

The Rottler brand narrative, which reads: Let’s be honest, pests will always be a problem. But thanks to Rottler’s proven pest solutions—they never have to be yours.  For more than 60 years, we’ve cared for your property and your wellbeing,  creating personalized, proactive solutions that restore happy, healthy spaces  and surround you with protection. Our mission has always been simple: keep pests away. For the good of the families and businesses we serve and the communities we’re proud to call home.  

Echoing Rottler’s true values and the experiences of their customers, the narrative gave the brand a warm and friendly tone of voice that can extend across marketing materials and communications in St. Louis and beyond.


Here comes the can of worms

Refreshing the Rottler brand presented a complex challenge: how to modernize their logo while maintaining brand recognition. 

We debated it a lot internally: where was the line between too much change and not enough? How could we create new energy for the brand without repelling existing customers?

A screenshot of in-progress creative explorations for the Rottler Pest Solutions brand refresh

The evolved Rottler pest control brand colors and typefaces

After many discussions weighing the options, we landed on a nuanced solution—keeping the original look, while introducing subtle yet impactful updates to align with current values and ensure consistency. 

The new logo for Rottler Pest Solutions includes the new tagline: "Proven pest solutions."

These changes included a refreshed color palette and revamped tagline—Proven Pest Solutions—ensuring the logo remained a symbol of professionalism. 

The new Rottler tagline: Proven Pest Solutions

And beyond the logo, we introduced a suite of graphic elements that built on the legacy logo’s green border, symbolizing Rottler’s promise of encircling customers with protection. This careful evolution maintained the emotional connection with loyal customers while signaling a fresh and contemporary brand identity ready for the future.

Pages from the new brand guide for Rottler, a pest control company

The refreshed Rottler pest control brand applied to a polo and direct mailer

The refreshed brand for Rottler, a pest control company, applied to printed marketing materials

Rottler Pest Solutions branding on the exterior of the company headquarters

Every element of the brand, from logo updates and visual elements to the messaging and tone, was designed to reflect the warmth, professionalism and the deeply human touch that Rottler brings into their work.


Keeping pests away

Part of emphasizing the human touch was minimizing the use of pest imagery. Where other brands use scare-tactic images of creepy critters and big bugs, we felt that a pest solution company should not be associated with the constant representation of the problem itself—and used pests sparingly and intentionally. 

The new Rottler Pest Control brand identity shown on a billboard


Rottler pest control brand identity applied to social media posts

Rottler brand identity applied to email marketing designs

Instead, we concentrated on fostering a connection between the client and the technician, with the focus on building reliable relationships rather than exploiting fear. 


Happy, healthy and pest-free

The updated branding marks a new chapter for Rottler—one where their visual identity aligns with the high-quality service and compassionate care they are known for. 

It’s a recommitment to their mission, a clearer communication of their values, and an invitation to both current and future customers to experience the peace of mind that comes with professional, proactive pest management services.

A brand refresh is a great way to find new opportunities to tell your story and connect with your audience, and we’re excited to see how Rottler continues to grow and serve their communities with a strong brand leading the way.



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