Atomicdust Cooks Up a New Website and Packaging for Rockwood Charcoal

Atomicdust Cooks Up a New Website and Packaging for Rockwood Charcoal

It’s no secret that Atomicdust is bit barbecue-crazed. So when Rockwood Charcoal asked us to add some fresh flavor to their branding, we were all fired up.

Charcoal is generally thought of as a commodity product—if it’s thought of at all. But Rockwood is all-natural lump charcoal made from 100% Missouri hardwood, unlike the charcoal briquettes or match-light charcoal you typically see on the shelves. Rockwood’s quality, purity and consistent performance make it stand out from the pack—so we wanted its pack to stand out.

Taking inspiration from screen-printed posters, we designed big, bold illustrations that honor the power and purity of the product. Rather than coating the entire bag in ink, we let the natural kraft paper bag color show through as a nod to Rockwood’s commitment to “real.” The bag is recyclable, and printed using soy-based inks that won’t produce harmful fumes if burned.

Rockwood Charcoal Packaging Design

Rockwood Charcoal Bag Design

Rockwood Charcoal Packaging

We also liked the idea of Rockwood as the brand of choice for barbecue champions, or anyone who has ever wanted to cook like one. We created an unofficial tagline —“Smoke the Competition”—that speaks to both the consumers who plan to grill with Rockwood and retailers who could boost profits by carrying the brand.

Rockwood Charcoal

When it came to the website, we knew that a huge hurdle was educating consumers on the benefits of premium lump charcoal versus alternative options. This meant showing close-ups of the charcoal (taken in-house) that illustrate its natural hardwood origins, and talking about the noticeable differences people would see and experience at the grill, like superior temperature control, less smoke, and a more natural aroma.

Rockwood Charcoal Website Design

The site answers all of the burning questions: What is lump charcoal? What is the best way to use it? What makes Rockwood’s approach unique? And, most importantly, where can you buy it? An interactive map helps visitors find their nearest Rockwood retailer. And the flexibility of the site is perfect for grill-masters, who can easily access the site on both phones and tablets to enhance their barbecue experience.

Rockwood Charcoal Website Design

Check out all that Rockwood Charcoal has to offer by visiting the brand’s website,Facebook, or Twitter page. And join us at our next Atomicdust barbecue, where you’ll be sure to spot a Rockwood bag.



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