Atomicdust Earns Three AVA Digital Awards

Atomicdust Earns Three AVA Digital Awards

To a lot of people, design just means visuals.

But Thomas Watson, a former CEO of IBM understood the true power—and effect—of design.

“Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business, but above all, good design must primarily serve people.”

His belief holds today, especially when it comes to websites. A strong website design can attract customers, help establish a brand’s credibility and impart a positive user experience. As a team that works on dozens of websites every year, we think a lot about how websites can serve people. So we were thrilled to learn we earned three AVA Digital Awards awards for our work.

The AVA Digital Awards is an international competition recognizing digital marketing and communication excellence. Throughout the years, the AVA’s categories have changed to reflect the growing role that digital media and the internet play in the transfer of information. There are 227 different categories, with judges evaluating everything from digital campaigns and website development to social media and mobile marketing.

You can see our winning work by scrolling down.


Gold Awards

The City Museum website on a laptop

The City Museum website showcases the museum’s unique interactive art in an engaging and user-friendly way. Visitors can find a few surprises on the website, creating that sense of discovery and delight the museum is known for.


The High Five Strategies website homepage on a laptop

The High Five Strategies website conveys the brand’s expertise while setting users at ease, with a unique color palette, clever illustrations and interactive graphics.


Honorable Mention

Convoy of Hope website design

The Convoy of Hope website offers more than just compelling design. The site serves a greater purpose, building awareness about a global nonprofit organization and communicating various ways visitors can support the organization and get involved.


We are incredibly grateful to the AVA Digital Awards for recognizing our work. And congratulations to our clients, Convoy of Hope, the City Museum and High Five Strategies, on your win. Thanks for the opportunity to create something that serves both you and your audiences.


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