Design and Books and Blogs, Oh My!

Design and Books and Blogs, Oh My!

Book cover designs by Matt Roeser

Some of the best advice I ever got went a little something like this: “If you want to be a writer, write stuff. If you want to be a designer, design stuff.”

So naturally, Atomicdust’s Matt Roeser has always got some non-client design project going – whether it’s an elaborately planned, shot and edited Lost tribute video, a Lost-inspired t-shirt design, or a desktop background. And we’re all big fans (of his work. Matt’s just ok.)

Matt’s newest project, New Cover, is a little blog where he takes literary favorites and redesigns their covers. It’s cool, it’s unique, it makes you squint, tilt your head and go, “Ohh yeah!” I’ve never read Moby Dick. But I’d consider adding it to my bookshelf if the cover looked like that.

When he’s not busy hittin’ the books, he’s – what else? – watching Lost. The series may have ended, but Matt is teaming up with a fellow fan to rewatch every episode. His blog, We Have to Go Back, launched on September 22nd (a significant day in island history) and traffic is already booming. If you consider yourself a Lost fan, this is one site you need to check out.


Amanda ZahnwehAmanda Zahnweh is a copywriter for Atomicdust, helping us develop engaging websites, print materials and, as you can see, the occasional blog post. Basically, she reads and rights writes for us. (Oh, and she edits too.)