June 2024 Marketing + Design Events

June 2024 Marketing + Design Events

The world of creativity is that of opposites, tension and juxtaposition. This month’s list of marketing and design events falls right in line, with topics ranging from the cult classic book, The Artist’s Way, to the business world’s favorite game: golf. And honestly, both of those sound really fun—so maybe you’ll see us there.

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June 3 at 5 pm CT

Multilingual Typesetting on the Web with Marie Otsuka

This virtual workshop will teach attendees how to use different scripts in website design, with a focus on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean writing systems. Learn the basics of using web fonts and explore advanced techniques for making a website look polished and professional in any language. More info.



Wednesdays from 11 am-1pm CT, starting June 5

Artistic Alchemy: Creative Communion Through The Artist’s Way 

This 13-week course, based on the cult-classic book The Artist’s Way, is designed to help creatives boost their confidence and nurture essential creative habits. Participants will meet via Zoom and in one-on-one sessions to explore the book’s exercises and receive custom guidance. Learn more.



June 5 at 11 am CT

Summer Soc-AI-l: AI 101 and 201

SMPS St. Louis will host this in-person event focusing on artificial intelligence and its applications in the AEC industry. Hear insights on how AI can improve efficiency, productivity and client satisfaction. Register to save your spot. 



June 5 at 3 pm CT

Intersectionality of Design and Accessibility

This interactive session will discuss how design practices can significantly reduce accessibility defects in digital products. Hear insights and practical tips for designers at all levels to improve accessibility throughout the development process. Learn more.



June 6 at 11 am CT

What’s “In” and “Out” for ABM in 2024

Join this Demandbase webinar to learn about the latest account-based marketing strategies for driving sustainable growth.  Elevate your ABM outcomes and register for the webinar.



June 6 at noon CT

Social Media: Is the Problem Me or the Algorithm?

Feeling overwhelmed by interpreting your social media and email marketing data into actionable strategies? Join the Nonprofit Marketers Network-STL for a discussion on “Making Sense of Your Marketing Data.” The session will help you understand your data and use it to improve your marketing efforts. Bring your own lunch; coffee and sweets will be provided. Save your spot.



June 6 at noon CT

Strategic Outsourcing: The Value of Preserving Time & Focus to Marketers

Is there anything more valuable to a marketer than time? Learn the ins and outs of outsourcing, including how to prioritize what you outsource and balance your budget—all to spend your time doing higher value, more meaningful work for your brand. RSVP.



June 6 at 1 pm CT

Empowering Marketers with Generative AI

Hosted by the ANA, this virtual workshop covers AI for value creation and customer strategy. Attendees will learn about applications of AI in marketing and how to use a Large Language Model. More info.



June 13 at 2 pm CT

The Power of Unified Data in a Chaotic Marketing World

This webinar will address the obstacles of creating a single, comprehensive customer data source despite challenges in institutional data management, acquisitions, and diverse B2B and B2C interactions. Sign up.



June 28 at noon CT

AMA St. Louis Annual Golf Outing

Join the AMA St. Louis for a day of golf, networking and prizes. The event includes lunch, greens fees, a golf cart and more. Get tickets.



June 13 to Aug 22 from 7-10pm CT

Introduction to Modern Type Design Online Workshop

Learn the fundamentals of designing your own typeface from the team at Letterform Archive. This 10-week course is perfect for both beginners and experienced designers, and will cover the history of type design, sketching techniques, and how to use software to bring your ideas to life. Sign up.




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