May 2024 Marketing + Design Events

May 2024 Marketing + Design Events

May is always a busy month, with multiple holidays, the end of the school year, graduation and more—not to mention mid-year industry events and deadlines. If you have a free day, or even just an hour, consider slotting in one of these events to connect with other creative professionals and brush up on what’s new (or notable) in your field.


May 7 from 1-4 pm CT

SEO for Everyone

Learn how to integrate SEO best practices into your daily content development, from visualizing the customer journey and target personas to establishing performance benchmarks, planning content and measuring ROI. Copywriters, developers, PR pros and marketers are all invited to this virtual session, hosted by the ANA. Register now



May 8, 8:30-9:30 am CT

Email Marketing Magic: Is there such a thing?

Hosted by the Nonprofit Marketers Network STL, this event is for anyone who’s struggled to make sense of email data, from pulling insights about open and click-through rates to determining the best subject lines, preview text and more. Save your seat



May 9, 2024, 7 am-5 pm CT

2024 IAB Podcast Upfront

Bringing together brands, agencies and media buyers with top audio and podcast companies, this virtual and in-person event showcases new podcast content and highlights the unique influence podcast hosts have on their audiences, facilitating authentic brand partnerships. Learn more



May 10-11 and May 18-19, noon-2 pm CT

Putting Pencil to Pixel

This four-day workshop, spread over two consecutive weekends, teaches participants the art of lettering using digital tools like the iPad and Apple Pencil. Attendees will start with the basics of type anatomy and lettering techniques, progressing to more complex compositions and finishing styles. A scholarship seat is also available. Sign up.



May 13-15

Midwest Digital Marketing Conference

With deep-dive workshops, multiple keynotes and two days of sessions led by local and national speakers, this year’s Midwest Digital Marketing Conference will inspire attendees with real-life ideas and actionable tips. Plus, two Atomicdust team members will each be leading sessions. Hope to see you there. Check out the full agenda.



May 13-14, 9:30 am-4 pm CT

Accessible Typography for Web and UI Design

When it comes to typography, web designers need to balance aesthetics with legibility and web accessibility. Participants in this interactive workshop will learn how to evaluate typography for accessibility, including choosing the right typefaces, ensuring adequate contrast, and optimizing text layout to enhance readability. Learn more



May 14, 1-4 pm CT

How to Write an Inspired Creative Brief

This virtual workshop, led by a former ad agency creative director and author of textbooks on writing creative briefs, is designed to transform your understanding of creative briefs from simple documents to powerful tools for clarity and inspiration. Attendees will participate in individual exercises, analyze exemplary creative briefs from  and learn to craft compelling briefs that effectively communicate creative ideas. Secure your spot now.



May 14-16, 2024

Virtua11y Web Accessibility Conference 2024

Hear from the leading minds in accessibility and digital inclusion about the latest best practices and what the future holds for inclusive design. More info



May 16, 2024, 7:30-9 am

AMA St. Louis Small Business Marketing Workshop

Hear from a panel of local marketing professionals about value creation, the power of video, effective social media strategies and more. Learn more.



May 21, 12-1 pm CT

Digital Marketing for Nonprofits: Strategies for Reaching the Right Audience

Nonprofit marketers are invited to hear from area marketing and media professionals about opportunities to reach larger audiences, create effective video messaging with influencers and generate strong results. Sign up



May 21, 1-4 pm CT

Reaching Your Audience in a Post-Cookie World

Hosted by the ANA, this virtual workshop addresses the significant shift in digital advertising and digital marketing due to the phase-out of third-party cookies. Learn about the historical context of cookie usage, current changes by browsers and regulators, and strategies for adapting marketing techniques to maintain effectiveness. The session is designed for professionals across various roles, including media strategy, marketing data, legal, and finance, who need to navigate the post-cookie landscape. Reserve your spot.



May 22 at 12 pm CT

NexGen Alignment: ABM’s Role in Uniting Marketing & Sales

Forrester and Demandbase are joining forces to teach participants about uniting sales and marketing teams with account-based strategies. The session will cover the latest research from Forrester, practical tips for aligning teams, defining engagement rules and responsibilities, and going from strategic planning to tactical execution. RSVP



May 23, 12 pm CT

Guiding Principles for Marketing Leadership in 2024 and Beyond

With the ever-changing landscape, marketing leaders need to know how to keep up. This session will include actionable tips for improving their leadership skills and positioning their teams for success, with everything from precision targeting with account-based marketing, leveraging AI and aligning with buyer behaviors. Get more info.



May 28, 1-4 pm CT

Advanced Email Marketing

This highly interactive, virtual course will cover sophisticated email marketing techniques, including advanced audience segmentation, the use of AI for targeting, and the creation of personalized, automated campaigns. Participants will also learn crucial aspects of email deliverability, such as ISP relationships and compliance with regulations like CAN-SPAM and GDPR. Sign up



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Blaise Hart-Schmidt

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