What We’re Reading, Watching and Listening To Over Holiday Break

What We’re Reading, Watching and Listening To Over Holiday Break

Winter break is coming. The Atomicdust office will close for a week at the end of the year to enjoy time with family and celebrate the holidays. But we’re staying busy during our time of rest. Keep reading to see what books, TV shows, movies and podcasts our team is eager to enjoy during our week away from work.


Beth, senior designer at Atomicdust

Beth, Senior Designer

I’m looking forward to reading “1,000 True Fans,” an article by Kevin Kelly about cultivating an engaged, enthusiastic audience. The foreword says it’s useful for anyone making things or making things happen, so… pretty much anyone. Kelly’s book, The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future, is also on my to-read list.


Jeremy, Developer at AtomicdustJeremy, Developer

The entirety of the new Disney+ catalog. Everything! I also just joined Audible. I’ve been plowing through a lot of Malcolm Gladwell and revisiting one of my favorites, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.



Blaise Hart-Schmidt - Digital Marketing ManagerBlaise, Digital Marketing Manager

I’m hoping to finally finish Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language by Gretchen McCulloch. It’s about how the internet—and social media especially—has affected how we communicate. And because it’s break after all, something just for fun: the Office Ladies podcast. Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey, two actors from The Office, go behind the scenes one episode at a time. It’s like watching the show with fresh eyes all over again.


Rose LinharesRosie, Senior Designer

I’m excited to watch the second season of Abstract on Netflix. Each episode follows a different artist or designer. I love how the show explores different genres of design, from costume and typography to product and interior design, because it gives me new perspective on the creative process across mediums.

Also, Dolly Parton’s America podcast. It’s a deep dive into her impact on pop culture, her discography and more. She’s an American treasure.


Mike Spakowski, Partner and Creative Director at AtomicdustMike Spakowski

I’m going to dive into the 2nd Edition of Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing by Simon Kingsnorth. I have an actual physical copy of the book, so it will be weird for me to not have it on my kindle. If that isn’t nerdy enough, I’m also excited about the seeing the new Star Wars movie with my sons.



Steph, designer at AtomicdustSteph, Designer

I always re-read the Harry Potter series during the holidays, and I’m excited to watch the new season of Abstract on Netflix.




Rich, Senior Copywriter at AtomicdustRich, Senior Copywriter

As I try to avoid political news and conversations over the holidays, I’ll likely have my nose (or ears) in any number of books or podcasts. I’ve been stockpiling e-books just for this purpose. My current backlog involves some practical work-related fare like Jeremy Miller’s Brand New Name, which will hopefully come in handy during the sometimes-difficult naming process.

On the podcast side, I’ve been on a bit of a fiction-mystery-suspense jag lately. There’s a renaissance going on with the old radio idea of the “Theater of the Mind,” and there’s some incredible sound design (and, of course, writing and storytelling) going on here. I recommend checking out Blackout, Carrier and The Edge of Sleep to get started.


Bill, designer at AtomicdustBill, Designer

My wife and I are expecting our first child in January, so over break we will be doing a lot of preparation. I’m excited to start Peaky Blinders and maybe have it on in the background while we get things ready.




Alex Linek – Web DeveloperAlex, Developer

Next up on my non-fiction reading list is Algorithms to Live By by Brian Christian and Tom Giffiths. The book explores how we can apply what we’ve learned from computer algorithms to improve our decision-making process and connect with other people. I’m also on the library waitlist for Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by Caroline Criado-Perez.


Wesley-Hastings-Senior-Account-ManagerWes, Senior Account Manager

I’ll be revisiting my old copy of Write It Right! A Guide for Clear and Correct Writing by Richard Andersen and Helene Hinis. The book focuses on finding your natural writing voice while still maintaining a professional tone. It’s the most-worn book in my collection, having wrinkled and coffee-stained pages from front to back. I’ll also be watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Netflix. It’s the perfect show for me—I love cars, I love stand-up comedy and I love coffee.


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Blaise Hart-Schmidt

Blaise Hart-Schmidt

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