Atomicdust Wins a Telly Award for Healthcare Marketing Videos

Atomicdust Wins a Telly Award for Healthcare Marketing Videos

Can we call ourselves award-winning screenwriters now?

While we’re not practicing our Academy Award speeches yet (at least not in front of anyone), we’re excited to announce that we recently earned a Gold Telly Award. Our recent healthcare marketing videos for Vivify Health’s Remote Patient Monitoring services were recognized in the B2B Branded Content Campaign category.

Why does the award matter to us so much? First of all, it’s an honor we share with Netflix, Microsoft, BBC Global News, BET Digital and other media luminaries that also earned Telly Awards this year. Second, we won the award after taking a few creative risks and overcoming the challenges of shooting videos during a pandemic. But more on that in a minute.

The Telly Awards have been around since 1979, honoring video excellence across screens both big and small. The judges recognize documentaries and televisions shows, of course, but they also take note of social media videos and branded—or marketing—content.

This year’s competition received more than 12,000 entries from around the globe. The judging panel included representatives from some of the most prestigious companies in entertainment, advertising and emerging technology.

Atomicdust and Spot team members collaborate at the Vivify healthcare marketing video shoot

Above: A behind-the-scenes shot at one of the shoots for the Vivify Health Remote Patient Monitoring healthcare marketing campaign.

The project we submitted was special, not only because we developed it masked up and remotely. The campaign used humor in unexpected ways to promote a serious product and make the videos memorable.

We wrote and shot the healthcare marketing videos in collaboration with our friends at Spot Content Studio. They feature the life-saving capabilities of Vivify Health’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) tools, and also commiserated—in a lighthearted way—with some of the issues we all dealt with as we functioned the best we could from home.

A big thanks to the Telly Awards for recognizing our work, and congratulations to Vivify Health and all the other 2021 Telly Awards winners!


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Holly Sinclair

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