Vote Gert for The Best Agency Dog Award!

Vote Gert for The Best Agency Dog Award!

We’ve been in social media contests and won marketing awards, but this may be the most important contest we’ve been involved with to date… Gert, our resident office dog, has been entered into The Agency Post contest for The Best Agency Dog Award!

Gert is a 7-year-old Corgi/Rottweiler mix from Stray Rescue St. Louis and she visits the office a couple days a week with her owner – Project Manager, Mike Roberts. When Gert’s in the office, she brings a smile to everyone’s face (well, everyone except the UPS or FedEx guys…). Her favorite thing about coming to Atomicdust — besides lunch gatherings around our big table and chasing after toys — would have to be the walks to the neighborhood frozen yogurt place, Flying Cow Frozen Yogurt!

We promised her unlimited doggie treats when she wins!

Tara Nesbitt

Tara Nesbitt is inspired by the creative culture at Atomicdust, and enjoys coming to work every morning to ignite new, exciting ideas for clients. As Online Marketing Coordinator, she works closely with our clients to develop and deliver compelling content through social media channels – and to measure its effectiveness.

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