Quinn Saw’s New Website Cuts Through the Complexities

Quinn Saw’s New Website Cuts Through the Complexities

W.D. Quinn Saw is one of the oldest saw blade sharpening companies in the country, and among the most technically advanced. When the Quinn Saw team first came to Atomicdust, their goals weren’t unusual: they needed a website that generated new leads, made the buying experience easier and highlighted the company’s past and future.


The goals were familiar, but the industry wasn’t. Before we could help Quinn Saw clarify their brand story for the web, we needed to understand all of the complexities of saw sharpening: the process, the history and the competitive landscape.

During meetings and calls with the Quinn Saw team in which we meticulously covered the process for making, sharpening, cleaning, and inspecting each type of blade, we helped the company identify three key differentiators:


First, Quinn Saw has been a family business since its founding in 1903. It’s still run by two brothers, with the next generation ready to step into leadership roles upon their retirement. Quinn Saw employees are treated like family, too. This creates a sense of pride, accountability and passion that isn’t easily found at other companies.


Second, because of its long history, Quinn Saw has proven its ability to quickly adapt to changing technology and customer needs, from supplying saw blades for artillery production during World War II, to creating high-precision blades in the ‘90s for new demands within the medical, aerospace and automotive industries.


Third, Quinn Saw is committed to innovating faster than any of their domestic competitors. They’ve made it a point to frequently attend tradeshows in Germany, the country on the forefront of saw sharpening. They don’t wait for the technology to make its way to the states. They find it and bring it back.

Taking all of this into account, we decided to create a website that pulls back the curtain on the Quinn Saw approach, showing customers the people, processes, expertise and incredible technology behind the blades.


Friendly copy and sliders break down the process’s technical complexities of the process, making it more accessible and interesting, and proving that Quinn Saw’s work is more precise, careful and personalized. Photos of their shop, taken by Atomicdust, highlight state-of-the-art machinery and technical prowess. A visual timeline also explains how the quality of Quinn Saw’s work is tied to its heritage.

We added drama to the homepage by pairing a dark metal background with oversized blade images. Graphic elements speak to the idea of precision by recalling cut lines and crop marks. And, just for fun, we masked photos at an angle, as if they’d been cut by a Quinn Saw blade.


In addition, we redesigned a configurator that allows customers to design their own saw blades. Customers can choose the diameter, machine type, number of teeth, toothform (the shape of the cutting edge), bore (the depth of the cut), and the material they want the blade to cut. The website generates a preview image of the finished blade and automatically prices it. Click “Add to Cart” and you’re done.


And, as always, we made the site mobile-responsive and easily editable by the client on the backend.


Quinn Saw now has a modern, user-friendly web experience that guides visitors down the purchase path, highlighting the company’s differentiators along the way. Check it out for yourself now – and try that saw blade configurator!

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Jazzy Danziger

Jazzy Danziger

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