Wesley Hastings Joins Atomicdust

Wesley Hastings Joins Atomicdust

We’re really excited to announce and welcome Senior Account Manager Wes Hastings to the Atomicdust team.

Wes is driven to find strategic branding and marketing solutions for Atomicdust clients. That means being able to see a challenge from a wide variety of perspectives, and understand how creative and business opportunities converge.

His perspective is rooted in his broad-based background that includes copywriting, design and strategy across a wide range of business-to-business and business-to-consumer industries.

A few questions for Wes.

What excites you about marketing?

One thing I’ve learned is that there isn’t a single marketing campaign strategy that will benefit all brands the same. Every brand calls for a unique approach, you have to remain an expert on trends and digital platforms, and be able to pivot on the fly. I love the daily challenges this industry presents.

What do you do outside of work?

Too many things! I write/direct/act in films, race cars and bicycles, and compose and play music. Sometimes I cut people’s hair. Oh yeah, and I run a clothing company on the side.

Wesley Hastings Atomicdust

What do you wish you had more time to do?

All of the things I already do, plus all of the things I hope to do one day, such as competitive fencing, rowing, triathlons, venture capitalism, etc.

What do you want people to say when they look at your/our work? 

When people look at Atomicdust’s work, I want them to feel the same thing I do: amazement. When people examine my work as it pertains to the bigger picture, I want them to say I was a joy to work with, and left them feeling informed and at ease at all times.

Share a quote about the industry, advice, or what you’ve learned so far.

The quote I share the most, I feel applies to not just this industry, but to life in general, and I think it’s a quote people should believe and live by: “Whether you think you can, or can’t…you’re right.”

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Mike Spakowski

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