Atomicdust Connects with the St. Louis AIGA to Promote 2012 Design Show

Atomicdust Connects with the St. Louis AIGA to Promote 2012 Design Show

A few months ago, we were thrilled to be asked by the St. Louis AIGA to help promote their annual design competition. This was a true honor for us, as we respect the AIGA and share their mission to celebrate great design. Of course, in agreeing to take on the project, it meant designing for an audience that lives and breathes design every day. No pressure.

To us, the the St. Louis design community is pretty fragmented. You’ve got the Ad Club, AMA, BMA, St. Louis Egotist, Graphic Design Meetup, AdSaint, AIGA, and more. There’s also more than 200 creative firms in St. Louis, with specialities ranging from social media to traditional advertising, to mobile website design. They all use some form of design to solve their clients’ problems. They just might not consider themselves traditional ‘graphic designers’. But they are definitely a part of the creative community.

When designers do connect – it’s not often face-to-face. We connect on our computers and smart phones throughout the day. We connect at our desks, at lunch and in the car. At any given time, you’ll find us checking blogs, Twitter and Facebook, keeping tabs on what’s going on, what projects other firms are working on, and the latest design (and beer) related events in the city. While the design community in St. Louis might be siloed, it’s very much alive – and there’s a common thread that connects us all.

With this in mind, we created an invitation and website that tells the story of the 17th St. Louis AIGA Design show through a medium people know intimately:  their smartphones, in locations around St. Louis.

So take a look… and submit your work, but take note: this year, they’re only taking submissions online. Go ahead, represent your firm — even if you think it’s not for you, or your firm doesn’t do “that kind of work.” And help us spread the word about the show! Invite your fellow designers to submit their work, too… but remind them that entries are due on March 19th.

The Design Show will be held at the Regional Arts Commission on April 20th. We hope to connect with you there… and throughout St. Louis over the next year.

Below are images of the printed ‘Call for Entries’ invitation, and here’s a link to the website we created for the show.



AIGA St. Louis Design Show Invite

AIGA St. Louis Design Show Website

AIGA St. Louis Design Show Mobile Website Responsive

The invitation printing and paper were donated by our friends at Advertisers Printing.

The website had to work across mobile devices (imagine the irony if it didn’t), so we built the site to be responsive, and change/rearrange content based on the size of the visitor’s screen. Thanks to our friend Matt Ström for his help with development on the website.

Mike Spakowski

Mike Spakowski

Mike Spakowski is Principal / Creative Director of Atomicdust and is involved with the day-to-day design strategy, art direction and studio management.

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