Atomicdust Faces Off Against Hunger

Atomicdust Faces Off Against Hunger

We don’t typically work late into the night. It’s not the most productive use of time. The mind tends to wander. And sometimes silliness occurs.

One late night, while waiting for a designer (Katie) to hurry up and finish working on something, we found ourselves huddled around her desk, right next to the photocopier.

Jesse scanned his face, rolled it as the light passed, creating this weirdly creepy, artsy print, which (of course) we instantly had to post on Facebook.

So then we all took turns, laughing and being creeped out by the results, and sharing (and grossing people out) on Facebook.

We wanted to share the experience, but how do you lure people into your office to scan their faces on a copier? Donate to a charity each time they do!


Atomicdust presents ‘Face Off Against Hunger’.

For every person that comes by our office, scans their face on the copier, and lets us post it on Facebook, we’ll donate $5 to St. Louis Food Outreach. Up to $5,000.

And in a couple months, we’ll buy some beer and host a ‘gallery show’ of all the faces we scanned in our office.

So stop by, have fun and help a great St. Louis charity!

And here’s a link to the photos on Facebook.

Update: Face Off Against Hunger on KTVI-Fox 2/KPLR-News 11

Our Face Off Against Hunger project was recently featured on KPLR 11 News. Here’s the video from the 5 o’clock news. (2/7/12)


Update: St. Louis Mayor Slay Fights Hunger with His Face at Atomicdust.

Mayor Slay visits Atomicdust for Face Off Against Hunger

The Mayor and a couple of members of his staff made the trip down to Midtown Alley to play along with our little fundraiser for Food Outreach. Read more about the Mayor’s visit. (2/22/12)

Mike Spakowski

Mike Spakowski

Mike Spakowski is Principal / Creative Director of Atomicdust and is involved with the day-to-day design strategy, art direction and studio management.

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