January 2024 Marketing + Design Events

January 2024 Marketing + Design Events

New year, same you—but you can still sharpen your skills, get inspired and level up your career in 2024. We’ve curated a list of the most promising events for designers, marketers, copywriters, developers, strategists and other creatives happening this month. Peruse the list below, and as always, follow Atomicdust on Instagram for updates, insights and ideas. 


January 3

2024 B2B Digital Marketing Predictions & Resolutions

Ring in the New Year with a reflective and forward-thinking B2B marketing webinar hosted by AMA. NYU & Baruch College professor Lou Cohen will delve into the anticipated landscape for B2B marketers in 2024, sharing predictions and resolutions for the year ahead. Register. 



January 9

4D Thinking for Digital Designers & Creators

Learn how to create impactful apps or websites by embracing 4D thinking. This webinar will guide attendees through an easy-to-follow 4D thinking framework, transforming simple ideas into inclusive, personalized 3D experiences and building memorable, long-term 4D relationships. Expect to cover a walkthrough of the framework, audience definition, journey mapping, value brainstorming and a meaningful wrap-up to enhance your strategic digital design process. Sign up.



January 9

The Top 24 Security Predictions for 2024

A panel of industry experts will give a look into the future of cybersecurity, including global security incident trends, cyber solution alternatives and using data-driven insights to make forecasts. RSVP.



January 10

Separating Hype from Reality: The Real Data Behind Marketing & GenAI

Leaders from Deloitte Digital will explore the applications of GenAI in content production. Gain valuable insights into the primary use cases, motivating factors behind early adoption and the return on investment—plus, get an exclusive preview of how Deloitte Digital Content Studio incorporates GenAI into content production workflows. Get more info. 



January 16

Designing Content That Empowers, Includes and Cares

Explore the impact of content on navigating life’s challenges and how marketers and designers can make tough situations a bit more manageable. Backed by science and real-life experiences from both private and public sectors, you’ll gain practical tips to developing content in a genuinely human-centered way. Get tickets. 



January 17

Decoding AI in Marketing: A Practical Guide for Marketers

This webinar from the AMA will demystify AI in advertising, covering choices for integrating AI into campaigns to the pros and cons of pre-built AI versus building your own. Presenters will break down complex AI concepts into easily digestible insights with actionable knowledge to enhance your strategies. Sign up.



January 18

STLX’s January Jamboree

STLX is a community of people working in or studying experience design. Join the group’s first annual post-holiday January Jamboree to meet fellow creatives, share resources and toast the St. Louis experience design community. Get all the details.



January 24

How to Read Like a Writer (and Become Better at Your Craft!)

Enhance your creative agility in this interactive workshop, covering active reading techniques that uncover narrative movements, expectations and patterns—providing valuable insights for your own creative work. Led by author George Saunders’ concept of “forced acquaintance,” this session will guide you in actively engaging with stories and poems, identifying reasons to stay committed to a narrative and setting reading goals to elevate your work-in-progress. Learn more.



January 26

Marketing Tools of Tomorrow | Lunch and Learn Series

Stay ahead of the social media curve with the Social Media Club of LA’s monthly virtual lunch and learn events. Expert speakers share valuable insights and tips on the latest trends and techniques in social media marketing. More info



January 29

How to Gain Control Over Your Inner Critic!

Most creatives’ worst enemy? Their inner critic. Learn techniques to take control of yours, by altering the voice, reducing the volume to a whisper and even shrinking down the image of your inner critic. Sign up for free.


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