Senior Web Developer Laura Saner Joins Atomicdust

Senior Web Developer Laura Saner Joins Atomicdust

Developer Laura Saner built her first website as a teenager.

As a high school student in Iowa, Laura took a class on coding and HTML. When tasked with building a website, she chose one of her biggest passions: N*SYNC.

Unfortunately, the site no longer exists. But the project ignited her interest in the field, and she later earned a degree in computer science at her local community college before moving to Des Moines. There, she worked for a media company and web design agency before recently joining the team at Atomicdust.

Senior Web Developer Laura Saner

With experience building websites for companies ranging from construction and livestock to quilting magazines, Laura prides herself on her ability to articulate technical concepts in a friendly, easy-to-understand way. She loves taking on challenges and learning new web development technologies and skills, all while keeping the final product in mind: making sure the websites she builds are easy for teams to manage and update after launch.

Laura is Atomicdust’s first remote hire—she lives in Des Moines with her son, Declan, and two cats. A self-described “classic computer nerd,” Laura and her son love to explore local parks and play Minecraft.

We’ve loved getting to know Laura virtually and having her talents on the team. Join us in giving her a warm welcome!


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Blaise Hart-Schmidt

Blaise Hart-Schmidt

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