Senior Production Designer Melissa Welch Joins Atomicdust

Senior Production Designer Melissa Welch Joins Atomicdust

Melissa Welch has a long list of design talents, traits and accomplishments. Lucky for us, she recently joined the Atomicdust team as Senior Production Designer, so we’ve had time to pick her brain about it all.

Before coming to Atomicdust, Melissa worked in pharmaceutical marketing, educational publishing and consumer marketing. She’s tackled countless campaign and project types, from college textbook design and conceptual work to video editing, photo shoot coordination and catalogue layout. Always eager to elevate designs and grow her skills, she loves collaborating with clients on their ideas and interpreting their visions into reality.

Atomicdust Senior Production Designer Melissa Welch

In addition to her creative chops and marketing agency experience, Melissa is incredibly meticulous and organized. As a production designer, she works with a select group of Atomicdust clients to produce both print and digital marketing collateral. Inspired by type and letterforms, she creates visually interesting pieces that audiences are immediately drawn to.

And while Melissa’s talent has already made a mark in the office, there is one issue. She only ever drinks hot coffee—a fact that’s sparked debate on recent sweltering summer days. We’re choosing to look past that flaw and focus on the positive.

Melissa hones her eye for form outside the office, dabbling in nature and macro photography. On the weekends, she and her two kids often head to Missouri Botanical Gardens to explore and take photos.

We’ve loved getting to know Melissa and having her be a part of some exciting projects. Join us in welcoming her to our team and stay tuned to see glimpses of her work in the coming months.


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