Atomicdust Museum Clients Sweep the A-List Awards

Atomicdust Museum Clients Sweep the A-List Awards

If you went back to ancient Greece and heard the word “museum,” it would translate to something like “temple of the muses.”

In other words, a place dedicated to inspiration.

Atomicdust has been lucky enough to partner with several museums over the years, each one inspiring in its own way. So, when we opened St. Louis Magazine’s 2022 A-List Readers’ Choice Awards recently to find that all three of the Museum (Non-Art) category winners were Atomicdust clients… well, we were ecstatic.

City Museum branding logo creative expressions show the exhibits A City Museum branding creative expression featuring a bus stop shelter ad

City Museum topped the category, described as a “whimsical mashup of artistic vision, architectural marvel, historic significance, entrepreneurial ingenuity, and family-friendly destination.” Earlier this year, City Museum launched its new brand identity, which included a new logo, color palette, brand patterns, tagline, brand language, graphic devices and more. The attraction is beloved around the world; rebranding it was one of the most exciting—and intimidating—projects we’ve ever tackled. We’ve loved seeing the outcome breathe new life into such a phenomenal institution.

Large 3-D STL sign in the Missouri History Museum's Bernoudy Courtyard

Saint Louis Science Center Branding Expressions

Two other Atomicdust clients, Missouri History Museum and Saint Louis Science Center, rounded out the category. Atomicdust rebranded Saint Louis Science Center a few years ago, with a new visual identity, brand language and website design, all created to help audiences connect with curiosity. And Missouri History Museum enlisted our help to enhance the visitor experience, with improved wayfinding, signage, furniture and even an optimized donation opportunity.

This year’s A-List Awards had more than 75,000 nominations and 550,000 votes to select the winners. (And it wasn’t just our museum clients that were recognized—Loaded Elevated Nachos also won the New Restaurant category and was a finalist for the Takeout category. We created the branding and environmental graphics for the nacho-inspired restaurant.)

Congrats to Loaded, City Museum, Saint Louis Science Center and Missouri History Museum for the well-deserved recognition. The St. Louis region is fortunate to have so many world-class museums, each offering unique experiences and exhibits. And when they’ve come to us for help with clarifying their messaging or connecting with more audiences, we never have to look far.



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