Atomicdust Builds Website for Connectria Hosting

Atomicdust Builds Website for Connectria Hosting

When building a website, it’s important to first understand exactly who the client is and what they need before direction and design ever start. We used that approach to build a website for Connectria Hosting.

Connectria Hosting is a St. Louis-based cloud computing and HIPAA Compliant Hosting company. At their core, Connectria offers solutions to complex managed hosting challenges. Their business constantly changes to stay ahead of the curve in the industry, and they needed a new website flexible enough to accommodate that change.


To give Connectria that needed flexibility, we took a plug-and-play approach to building their site’s backend functionality. Our developers worked to build a framework that makes carrying out large changes to the site simple and efficient.

We built key pages and page templates with numerous visual and organizational options to start. Instead of creating new pages from scratch, the developers at Connectria can pull from and edit existing templates. These templates cut down on the time needed to make major changes and ensure pages will always look and function like the rest of the site.

Although we streamlined the development process without a CMS on the main website, we utilized WordPress for the Connectria blog. Building on WordPress takes the coding work out of adding new, editing old and organizing current content and opens the door for more than just developers to be involved in managing the Connectria blog.


Together, Connectria has a new website and blog that are straightforward and user-friendly for their staff to use day in and day out. The partial-CMS structure ensures changes, whether large or small, can be made just as quickly as the industry changes and new hosting software, technologies and requirements emerge.

Ken Earley

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