Atomicdust Welcomes Designer Alice Lee to the Team

Atomicdust Welcomes Designer Alice Lee to the Team

To Alice Lee, design isn’t about just shapes and colors. Design is about the people who will see it and the thoughts and emotions the design will induce.

That, along with an impressive background and talent for consistently turning out top-quality pieces, is exactly why we hired her.

After growing up in South Korea and California, Alice graduated from Washington University-St. Louis with a degree in communication design and a concentration in illustration. She gained experience at two other St. Louis marketing agencies before joining Atomicdust. In her most recent role, she primarily worked on consumer marketing projects, designing everything from packaging design and product displays to website banners and email campaigns for snack brands and Fortune 500 companies.

Atomicdust designer Alice Lee

While she has a broad skillset, Alice’s favorite projects are the ones that involve a strong narrative or result in a physical piece. Even when facing quick deadlines or challenging projects, she always finds enjoyment in solving problems through design.

Alice is a self-described homebody, content with watching the Great British Bake Off or going on walks with her boyfriend and dog, a Jack Russell Terrier. She also loves to draw and write, and hopes to one day publish a graphic novel or children’s book.

Alice’s continuous stream of design ideas have already made a big impact on our team. Join us in welcoming her to our team!


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Blaise Hart-Schmidt

Blaise Hart-Schmidt

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