Atomicdust Earns Three Healthcare Advertising Awards

Atomicdust Earns Three Healthcare Advertising Awards

There’s a lot more to healthcare branding and marketing than just aesthetics and some lines of copy.

It’s often about humanizing an industry often seen as cold and clinical—reminding us that healthcare is a deeply human endeavor. In many cases, healthcare marketing needs to make complicated topics (scientific, financial, technical, regulatory, the list goes on…) both easy to understand and meaningful.

Whether it’s the gentle curve of a logo, the warmth of a color palette or the simplicity of the user interface, branding and design have the power to build trust, inspire hope and create a lasting connection between patients, practitioners, clinicians, administrators and all the numerous players in the healthcare system at large.

With all of that in mind, we’re pleased that Atomicdust has been recognized with three Healthcare Advertising Awards, highlighting our commitment to transforming the healthcare landscape.

The 40th annual Healthcare Advertising Awards attracted over 4,300 entries, solidifying its position as the largest, most esteemed healthcare advertising competition. A national panel of judges evaluated entries on creativity, quality, message effectiveness, consumer appeal, graphic design and overall impact.

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The new Zelis website design on a laptop, tablet and cell phone screen

For Zelis, we created a website that delivered complex information in a simple, transparent and easily digestible format. The result? A site that mirrors the Zelis customer experience—streamlined, informative and effortlessly understandable.



Fukuda Denshi website design on a laptop

While keeping the essence of the existing Fukuda Denshi brand, we infused a modern touch that resonated with North American audiences. By incorporating the signature blue color palette and adding vibrant secondary colors, we created a visually appealing website that firmly rooted Fukuda in the healthcare world. We emphasized the brand’s strength—product flexibility and adaptability—through engaging messaging and strategic placement of core brand promises.


D2 Solutions digital ads on an iphone and laptop

D2 Solutions is in an industry that’s bound by heavy regulations, so crafting impactful advertisements requires finesse and precision. We tackled this challenge head-on, creating eye-catching ads that spoke directly to the audience and encouraged engagement. With bright, attention-grabbing colors and compelling messaging, the ads successfully captured the viewer’s attention and conveyed key information effectively.


At our core, we’re dedicated to pushing boundaries, questioning the norm and achieving exceptional outcomes for our clients. We’re proud to have our work recognized by other healthcare marketing experts; even more so, we’re proud to have helped our clients tackle some of their biggest challenges.

Congratulations to our clients, and a big thank you to the Healthcare Advertising Awards for acknowledging our work.


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