Senior Designer Aaron Speropoulos Joins Atomicdust

Senior Designer Aaron Speropoulos Joins Atomicdust

We have a new face at the Atomicdust office… kind of.

As a freelance designer, Aaron Speropoulos has worked with us in the past, coming on board for a few months at a time during our busy seasons. 

We’re thrilled to announce he recently joined our team full-time.

Aaron’s experience in the industry is as extensive as it is impressive. After graduating from Truman State University with a design degree, he worked at several design agencies and founded his own design company. 

For several years, he led the marketing team at a tech startup that was eventually sold to a major American brand, and he’s created some of the most recognizable packaging and branding in the fitness industry. For more than a decade, he’s designed world-class websites and brand identities for clients of all industries and sizes.

Aaron at Atomicdust

Passionate about supporting the local design community, Aaron has spoken at universities around the Midwest, as well as St. Louis Design Week and numerous AIGA events. He’s also helping Atomicdust re-launch our speaker series in 2022. 

Aaron’s experience as a freelancer and small business owner gave him first-hand experience with using design to solve business challenges. As a self-starter, he’s always excited to incorporate both strategy and aesthetics to create effective solutions.

Beyond design, Aaron is a stellar chef (right now he’s dabbling in duck) and world traveler and hiker with his wife, Sabrina.

We’re thrilled to officially welcome Aaron to the team and can’t wait for you to see some of the fantastic designs he’s already cooked up. Join us in welcoming Aaron to Atomicdust!

Blaise Hart-Schmidt

Blaise Hart-Schmidt

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