Atomicdust Welcomes Account Manager Lauren Lowe

Atomicdust Welcomes Account Manager Lauren Lowe

Lauren Lowe was a freshman journalism student at the University of Guam, where she grew up, when she took a marketing class. She loved the psychology and creative aspects of marketing and decided to switch majors.

She later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and advertising and a minor in marketing from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She worked at a B2B digital marketing agency advising clients ranging from HVAC to commercial printing companies to financial firms. Rising through the ranks, she eventually became Director of Account Management before joining our team at Atomicdust.

Working as an account manager allows Lauren to flex her strategic muscles and help clients achieve and exceed their goals. She’s able to lead teams toward big-picture success while also keeping an eye on the details and thinking several steps ahead. Her photographic memory and an impressive collection of pens (for color-coordinated lists) make her an organizational powerhouse.

Account Manager Lauren Lowe in the Atomicdust lobby

Armed with a subscription to New York Times Cooking, Lauren loves to cook; her current go-to dish is a gochugaru-seared salmon. On the weekends, she and her boyfriend often take their dogs, Shrimp, Grits and Loki, on long hikes.

Lauren has already had a big impact on both our team and our clients, and we’re excited to see what she accomplishes next. Say hi if you see her around and join us in welcoming her to the team!

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Blaise Hart-Schmidt

Blaise Hart-Schmidt

Blaise’s path to digital marketing began in journalism and took a detour through public relations.

Passionate about storytelling in any medium, her experience with writing, design, strategy and digital marketing combine to help clients build strong marketing plans.

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