April 2024 Marketing + Design Events

April 2024 Marketing + Design Events

Atomicdust has been rounding up monthly marketing and design events for many years—and this month is one of the busiest, most jam-packed calendars we’ve seen in a while. So grab your calendar and maybe a teammate or two, and take advantage of the numerous opportunities ahead to strengthen your skills, optimize your strategy and get inspired. And as always, follow Atomicdust on LinkedIn for more industry updates and ideas.


April 4 at 2 pm CT

ANA Ethics Code Virtual Town Hall

The ANA Ethics Code Virtual Town Hall will introduce the new edition of the ANA Marketing Code of Ethics, covering advertising offers,  diversity and inclusive marketing, data privacy and more. This voluntary code aims to promote ethical business conduct in marketing and advertising, building consumer trust and positioning ANA and its members as leaders in responsible growth. Learn more.



April 4 at 10 am CT

Improving CX with Journey Mapping: Actionable Approach & Best Practices

Learn practical strategies for enhancing your customer experience through journey mapping. Explore techniques for brainstorming, categorizing and prioritizing solutions, as well as strategies for aligning insights with business goals and tracking progress. More info.



April 4 at 12 pm CT

How to Effectively Scale an ABM Program

Hosted by Demandbase, this webinar will teach attendees how to effectively scale their account-based marketing program. Gain valuable insights from panelists on best practices, avoiding common pitfalls, aligning sales and marketing efforts, and measuring success. Sign up.



April 4-5 from 10 am-6 pm CT

The InDesign + Long Documents Summit

The InDesign + Long Documents Summit is the ultimate event for those crafting extensive documents like books and manuals. Led by top InDesign experts, the event offers invaluable training, tips, and techniques to enhance your skills, whether you’re a seasoned user or just starting out. The Summit includes live Q&A sessions, on-demand recordings, exclusive templates and automation tools to streamline your document creation process. Attend.



April 9-11

Ad Week Social Media Week

AdWeek’s Social Media Week will delve into the evolving landscape of social media. Topics will include brand safety, data privacy, personalization, evolving trends in social media and influencer strategies. Learn from real-world examples to refine your approach and harness the power of social. See the full agenda.


April 10 at 2 pm CT

Ethical Marketing FUNdamentals: Data Privacy and Consumer Choice

Hosted by the ANA, this event will delve into the significance of ethical marketing in fostering brand growth and consumer trust, with a focus on current data privacy legislation and consumer concerns. Gain valuable insights on how to respect consumer preferences across marketing channels and become an advocate for ethical practices within your organization. Get more info.



April 12 at 6-8 pm CT

AIGA St. Louis Design Show 27

Celebrate the best of St. Louis design at AIGA St. Louis’ annual design competition. Entries are evaluated by esteemed national judges, who select the best work to display at this industry event. RSVP.



April 16 at 8 am CT

Planet Centered Design—Where Are We Now?

This webinar will present the progress and challenges of integrating sustainable practices into digital design. Explore strategies for reducing carbon footprints in digital products and understand the importance of sharing knowledge openly in addressing climate change. Sign up.



April 16 at noon CT

Ad Age Studio 30 Live: The Future of Healthcare Marketing and Media

Gain insights into the macro trends influencing the healthcare marketing and media industry, including rising chronic illness rates among younger demographics, cost challenges, and the impact of health and social determinants on healthcare strategies. More info.



April 16 at 3:30 pm CT

Analysing User Research Data

This practical course is designed to equip attendees with the skills to turn raw user research data into actionable insights. Explore the theory and practice of qualitative data analysis, learning essential concepts, methods and techniques to synthesize meaningful insights for your team. Learn more. 



April 17 at noon CT

The New Creative Paradigm: How AI is Transforming Video and Content Production

It’s no secret that AI is revolutionizing video and content production. Gain insights into how brands and production partners are adapting their strategies and processes to leverage machine learning and generative AI tech to address efficiency, risk management and evolving measurement metrics in creative production. Register.



April 18 at 11:30 am-1:30 pm CT

Private Label – It’s Not Rocket Science… Or Is It?

The American Marketing Association of St. Louis will host the luncheon featuring Dan Abel, Jr., Chief Chocolate Officer of Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company & Bissingers Handcrafted Chocolate. Discover the inspiring success story of a local family-owned business as it expands from a single store to a nationally distributed manufacturer, including insights from Abel on maintaining brand identity while navigating the competitive chocolate industry’s challenges. Get tickets.



April 25 at noon CT

The Future of Marketing Effectiveness is AI-Driven

Explore how AI will enhance marketers’ understanding of target audiences, optimize campaigns in real-time, and drive improved business outcomes. Learn more.



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