Atomicdust Earns Two w3 Awards for Website Design Projects

Atomicdust Earns Two w3 Awards for Website Design Projects

We have a lot to be thankful for this year.

Despite all the hurdles of 2020, we’ve launched some big branding and web design projects, brought on a couple new team members, and made working remotely a success—all while in sweatpants.

We recently found out something else to be thankful for: news that this year, Atomicdust earned two w3 Gold Awards.

The 2020 w3 Awards received more than 3,000 entries, with only 10% receiving Gold Awards. Our Jim McKelvey website design and Lawrence Group website design projects each won an award.

Jim McKelvey website design on a tablet

Blog Design for Jim McKelvey


Lawrence Group Website

Lawrence Group website design project page bucks the grid


We’re incredibly proud of these winning sites because they reflect what we do with every one of our website design projects: give companies and brands a unique, authentic digital experience for their audiences. Both Lawrence Group, an architecture and design group, and Jim McKelvey, author, engineer and co-founder of Square, were committed to doing the same. We love how both sites turned out and are glad to see that the design world agrees.

Sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, the w3 Awards honors creative excellence on the web. Other agencies and companies honored for projects this year include AARP, Hyundai, WWE and UPS.

Thank you to the w3 Awards and judges for recognizing our work, and congratulations to Jim McKelvey and the team at Lawrence Group. We’re extraordinarily grateful to collaborate with such amazing clients.



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