Atomicdust Project Featured as Mindsparkle Mag Site of the Day

Atomicdust Project Featured as Mindsparkle Mag Site of the Day

The holiday website we built recently for McCarthy was meant to share good. Today, we’re sharing some good of our own.

We’re thrilled to share that Mindsparkle Mag featured McCarthy’s website as its Site of the Day on February 18.

Showcasing the finest in graphic design, branding, web design and more since 2011, Mindsparkle is an excellent source of design inspiration and industry news. The company curates “a collection of carefully selected projects offering only high quality content that we are truly proud of.” Its global community includes hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram alone.

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We’re especially proud of the featured site not only because of the design, but the goal behind it as well. McCarthy approached Atomicdust last summer and asked us to create an interactive digital experience that would bring some positivity to the end of a difficult year. The site invites visitors to share their gratitude and hopes for the future, explore other submissions, and discover a few surprises above the skyline on the way. Go behind the scenes of the project to see how it came to life.

A big thanks to Mindsparkle Mag for featuring the website as Site of the Day, and congrats to our clients at McCarthy. We loved their dedication to sharing good through a digital experience, and are proud to have partnered with them on the site.



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