Creating an Award-Winning Campaign with Help from ClinicalKey Customers

Creating an Award-Winning Campaign with Help from ClinicalKey Customers

In 2012, Elsevier launched ClinicalKey as a powerful “clinical insight engine” that enables physicians to search for the reference content they need to make smart decisions. Over the years, we helped ClinicalKey rebrand as they expanded to offer new features for nurses, pharmacists, medical students and medical librarians.

Last year, Elsevier asked Atomicdust to design a content marketing campaign that would drive new leads, re-engage existing clients and introduce the new, more comprehensive “ClinicalKey Reference Suite” – a single solution for improved care across an entire healthcare organization.

We decided to achieve all three of our goals not just by creating and sharing high-value content, but by inviting audiences to actively contribute to this content. We know people are more willing to engage when they feel “seen” by brands. By inviting audiences into the content creation process, we would be able to identify exciting and relevant new content ideas, get people more interested in that content because they had a hand in creating it, and create and nurture relationships outside of a sale.

Using ClinicalKey’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), along with email and direct outreach from Elsevier sales representatives, we started with a survey to current customers and prospects across roles – from executives to medical students – and asked them to share their expertise on topics closely tied to the ClinicalKey Reference Suite position: care collaboration, personalized medicine, the power of enterprise-wide reference solutions, and more.

Marketing materials for ClinicalKey

Survey results started pouring in. Over the coming months, these results inspired and informed the content that we created and shared on social media channels and in emails. Each piece explored the future of healthcare while reinforcing ClinicalKey’s ability to support innovation at the point of care and beyond.

First, we shared short videos featuring the initial survey results. Then, we shared a visual report with more in-depth survey results in infographic form. We also created articles and interviews with Elsevier’s CMO and CMIO. The latter pieces – all downloadable behind gated forms – helped identify and qualify new leads.

Animated digital ads for ClinicalKey

Direct mail marketing for ClinicalKey




Within the first 10 days of the program, we saw an 81% increase in audience engagement. The trend continued, and by the end of the five-month program, engagement had increased on Facebook by 42%, on Twitter by 50% and on LinkedIn by 158%.



Along the way, we stayed nimble and adjusted based on the audience response. For example, within the first few weeks, we realized we were seeing higher engagement on LinkedIn than expected – especially considering it housed the smallest of ClinicalKey’s digital audiences. We began sharing content there more often, and engagement (and ClinicalKey’s following) continued to grow.

Website designs for ClinicalKey

Overall, the content marketing campaign engaged clients, generated leads and has reshaped perceptions, enabling ClinicalKey Reference Suite to be seen by decision makers and influencers alike as an innovative, enterprise-wide solution. And while that was reward enough, we were proud to receive recognition at both the 34th Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards, where the campaign won Gold in the Digital Marketing Program category, and the 2017 Ragan Health Care PR & Marketing Awards where it received an Honorable Mention in the Social Media Campaign category.

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