ClinicalKey: A Healthcare Rebrand Built on Better Answers

ClinicalKey: A Healthcare Rebrand Built on Better Answers

In the world of healthcare technology, there’s a difficult truth every competitor has to face: physicians are very, very loyal to the products they’re used to using.

So when Elsevier asked Atomicdust to help reintroduce their clinical search engine, ClinicalKey, in light of some exciting new product updates designed around physicians needs, we were ready to help them take on the challenge.

ClinicalKey was launched in 2012 as a powerful “clinical insight engine” that enables physicians to search for the medical and surgical reference content they need to make smart decisions. With new features in the pipeline for summer 2014, including a mobile-friendly design and more content designed for lightning-fast decisions at the point of care, ClinicalKey was well-poised to take on its competitors – starting with a brand refresh.


By taking ClinicalKey through Atomicdust’s Branding Programwe uncovered the needs of the product’s four main audiences (physicians, healthcare executives, librarians and medical students) as well as their perceptions of the existing ClinicalKey brand and product.

We discovered that ClinicalKey was best positioned as a “best of both worlds” solution capable of providing as little or as much content as you need in any given situation: a truly flexible content platform that provides fast, concise answers when every second counts and deep access to trusted, underlying evidence when time is on a physician’s side.

Using this discovery, we re-envisioned ClinicalKey as a straightforward, friendly, empowering brand, free from healthcare tech clichés that don’t do much to influence the purchasing behavior of executives – or pique the interest of physicians. The new tagline “Lead with answers” reinforces the product promise and speaks to the aspirations of audience members: ClinicalKey literally helps them lead using answers.


After finalizing the brand, Atomicdust created a launch campaign to build excitement, an entirely new website that speaks more directly to ClinicalKey’s various audiences using targeted landing pages and animations, a refreshed social presence, videos, emails, and a robust marketing automation campaign to nurture current customers and move prospects through the sales funnel.


And because ClinicalKey is an international product with 22 global websites, we developed a series of customizable templates that made it easy for international teams to maintain their sites in their respective languages – with enough restrictions in place to ensure the sites stay in line with the new brand.


We’re proud of our collaboration with the ClinicalKey team, and look forward to following the conversation around the new brand. Visit the new website to see ClinicalKey in action

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