Mike Spakowski to Deliver Keynote at Missouri S&T Brand Symposium

Mike Spakowski to Deliver Keynote at Missouri S&T Brand Symposium

We’re excited to announce Atomicdust Partner/Creative Director Mike Spakowski will be the keynote speaker at Missouri University of Science and Technology Brand Symposium 2022.

At Atomicdust, we believe branding sets the foundation for an organization’s success.

Branding can attract audiences, build customer loyalty and even influence how much people are willing to pay for a product or service.

Missouri University of Science and Technology, a public research university based in Rolla, Missouri, understands the importance of its brand. Every year, the school’s marketing and communications department hosts a university-wide Brand Symposium, where leaders and communicators from across the organization can learn about fostering and supporting the S&T brand.

Held September 14 at the Havener Center on campus, the event invites students, faculty and staff to learn about the school’s evolving brand and the vital role branding plays in the University’s future. Attendees will learn about visual storytelling, communications tools, social media and design through presentations, roundtables, panel discussions and more.

Mike’s talk, “Building Great Brands,” will cover the strategy and tactics that lead to meaningful customer experiences and brands people love. He’ll share the ideas and approach our agency uses to create strong brands, along with real-world examples of great branding in action.

Register to attend the event by Wednesday, September 7, 2022. And if you have any podcast recs for the drive to Rolla, we’re all ears.



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