Business Consultant Branding for High Five Strategies

Business Consultant Branding for High Five Strategies

“So, what’s the strategy?”

Strategy is incredibly important in business—but for many companies, developing one can be intimidating and perplexing.

First, there’s different strategy types. Go-to-market strategy. Cost leadership strategy. Marketing strategy.

The word “strategy” is often used interchangeably with “goals,” and “tactics,” even though they’re distinctly different. Making things even more confusing, organizational leaders have countless options for creating and executing their strategies, not always with equal chances of success.

But our client, Tricia Sanders, really knows strategy.

She’s a strategic planning and business consultant who’s worked with organizations and entities around the globe, from local nonprofits to household names like The Pentagon. Yes—that Pentagon.

Tricia Sanders, founder and owner of High Five Strategies

A military veteran with a degree in philosophy, Tricia approaches strategy differently. She uses a proven, results-driven method that leads to both immediate results and long-term progress, with clear, helpful guidance along the way.

Launching her new company, Tricia needed a brand identity and website design that supported the company’s authority and addressed audiences’ confusion or hesitation about strategy.

We were excited to make it happen.


Starting with goals.

The new company already had a name: High Five Strategies, based on the high five’s power to connect and celebrate.

The High Five team wanted the brand to emphasize that feeling of celebration and communicate how the right strategy can unite people behind a common goal—and then drive them to achieve it. She asked us for a playful brand identity that was straightforward, fun and purposeful.

After interviews with the High Five team and even some of their clients, the road forward was clear.

Our team set out to create an approachable brand, inspired by the idea of pursuing big goals by breaking them down into accessible, actionable plans.

High Five Strategies logo and colors Variations of the High Five Strategies logo and logomark

We combined a colorful brand palette (partially inspired by Tricia’s brightly hued hair) with energetic graphic devices. The logo is clean and recognizable, with variations that can be swapped in and out for different situations and uses. Personality-infused brand copy, like the tagline “Solutions that stick.” sets audiences at ease right away.

High Five Strategies brand typeface, Bogart Variable High Five Strategies brand colorsHigh Five Strategies' new tagline, Solutions that stick.


Keeping it simple.

Overcomplicating is one of the biggest reasons companies fail at strategy—and with their websites. So, for the new High Five Strategies website, we kept things simple, giving visitors all the information they need and nothing they don’t.

The High Five Strategies website

It’s just one page (for now at least) but covers the whole customer journey. At the top, visitors learn about High Five Strategies, Tricia and what the company offers.

Brand language for High Five Strategies, breaking down their process: Let's get together. Let's shift perspectives. Let's roll up our sleeves. Let's make a plan. Let's go!

Next come client testimonials, which lend social proof and credibility to the brand, and an easy-to-understand graphic that gives visitors an idea of how the company guides clients to success. At the bottom, an inviting call to action and fillable form allow users to take the next step.


High fives all around.

The new brand and site launched with a bang, earning branding and web design accolades like a MarCom Award, Graphic Design USA American Design Award, AVA Digital Award and a feature spot on

Animated gif of two hands high-fiving as part of the High Five Strategies visual brand identity

High Five Strategies business card The new High Five Strategies brand on swag, including a t-shirt and water bottle Mockup of an iPhone with the High Five Strategies Instagram High Five Strategies logomark

We loved partnering with High Five Strategies to create a brand and website worthy of their work and can’t wait to see where they take it.



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