Introducing New Clients to the Brand Experience

Introducing New Clients to the Brand Experience

We’ve worked with the CPA and advisory firm Anders for several years, helping them build and maintain their brand and stay ahead of the industry.

“Staying ahead” requires us (and Anders’ growing marketing staff) to be “Always On” – which, incidentally, is their tagline and internal rallying cry. It’s a promise Anders makes to its clients: that everyone at the firm is constantly working to help them make the most of their money.

As part of a firmwide focus on client experience, Anders came to us looking for a new way to introduce their commitment. It needed to be more than a simple thank-you or welcome card. And it needed to be flexible enough to stand alone, or be part of a larger package associates or partners might send to clients.

It all started with an offhand comment our client made as one of our meetings was wrapping up. Anders clients are doing inspiring things with their businesses and their lives – and this is what drives everyone at the firm to be “Always On.”

We took the idea of inspiration a step further, creating a series of cards that invite recipients to write down their own goals and inspirations. The photo styles, colors and angles on the cards echo the Anders brand, subtly showing that Anders has the expertise to help make people’s dreams come true.

Anders CPA - Marketing Direct Mail is more than a throw-away postcard. These are meant to be “keepers” – beautiful and simple enough to be propped on a desk or pinned on a board, and meaningful enough to be long lasting.

This project is one of our favorites from 2016, as it shows how brand building is never finished. Branding is an ongoing process that requires constant attention by clients and agencies alike. Of course, we look forward to where we can take Anders – and all of our clients – in the new year.

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Rich Heend

Rich Heend

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