Atomicdust Crafts Branding, Website and Collateral for CPA Firm

Atomicdust Crafts Branding, Website and Collateral for CPA Firm


You might think that accounting and creativity don’t – or maybe shouldn’t – add up. But when a large St. Louis CPA firm came to us looking for a new identity, Atomicdust was up for the challenge.

The company – previously known as Anders Minkler & Diehl – wanted simplicity and focus, with a more personable image that better reflected its culture.

Through a series of interviews, we learned many people already referred to the firm simply as Anders, so that became the new name and the centerpiece of the new brand.

We also learned that accounting firms simply can’t differentiate themselves based on services because, honestly, every firm does basically the same thing. Where they can stand out is industry expertise, and that’s where Anders shines.

The new tagline – Always On – reflects two things. First, it’s a promise of the firm’s never-ending dedication to service. It’s also a bow to the firm’s primary client base, business owners and high-net-worth individuals, who are known for working 24/7 and loving every minute of it.

Take a look at how we put all of this into action.

Anders CPA Logo Design

We created a bold, new logo that echoes the “A” in the name while providing a recognizable mark for the firm.

Anders CPA Brochure Design Anders CPA Website Design on an iPad

Anders CPA Business Card Design
The angles and lines from the logo echo throughout the design, tying the pieces together and bringing clarity and consistency to the brand. We carried the design into a wide variety of pieces, from folders and stationery to proposal templates and more.

CPA Website Design

Anders CPA Website Design and Branding

When we started working with Anders, we were instantly impressed with their in-place content strategy. They had an active, relevant blog – unfortunately, their content wasn’t hosted on their domain, so it wasn’t working very hard for them.

We brought their blog onto their homepage. But we didn’t stop there. We built the website so relevant content populates across the site. Blog posts and mini success stories can be tagged in the WordPress content management system to appear on relevant industry pages, on the service-oriented pages and as featured content on the home page.

This is killer for SEO, of course, but more importantly it becomes instant proof of the firm’s industry experience. Put another way, any firm can say they’re an expert: but with content and success stories on the page, Anders can prove it. That’s powerful stuff.


Anders CPA Website Design Services

We took a similar approach to firm bios, structuring the site so each employee appears as part of the industry and service teams – furthering the real-world expertise of the Anders promise.

Anders CPA Website Bio Design

And to give the bios a more approachable and personable feel – while maintaining professionalism – we took new photos of every employee, rather than using static studio shots.

Anders CPA Brochure DesignAnders CPA Branding and Design

From the logo, to the stationery, website and collateral materials, we’ve worked hard to maintain consistency across the brand while giving each piece a chance to tell its own story. We’re thrilled to work with a fast-growing, fast-moving client willing to give us the freedom to reshape their entire identity.

Check out the new Anders website.

Update: In 2015, we helped Anders celebrate their 50th anniversary in Saint Louis. And in 2017, we helped them design a printed direct mail piece to introduce new clients to the Anders experience.

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Rich Heend

Rich Heend

Rich Heend is a senior copywriter for Atomicdust, helping us develop engaging websites, print materials and, as you can see, the occasional blog post. Basically, he reads and rights writes for us. (Oh, and he edits too.)

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