Combining Art and Science for The Danforth Center Infographics

Combining Art and Science for The Danforth Center Infographics

Atomicdust designer holds  The Danforth Center Infographics

We were recently hired by the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center to create a series of infographics to help them explain what they’re doing and why it’s important. The non-profit Danforth Center was founded in 1998 and through donations has been researching plant science at their campus in St. Louis since 2001.

The mission of the Danforth Center is to “Improve the Human Condition through Plant Science” and they’ve developed a strong brand by utilizing social media and their Roots & Shoots blog. The infographics came about as another way to help explain what the Danforth Center is all about. Plant science is a broad and complicated field, even explaining the basics is a difficult task. We had a lot of information that we ended up breaking into pieces that everyone can take advantage of and easily understand.

Danforth Infographic
Danforth Science Infographics
Danforth Center InfographicDanforth Science Infographic

Some of the early concepts were quickly sketched to show our approach.

Danforth Infographic sketches

“Atomicdust understands that part of the mission of the Danforth Center is to enhance the St. Louis region as a world center for plant science,” said Melanie Bernds, Public Relations Manager at the Danforth Center. “The infographics they have designed tell our story visually and provide essential information about the Center’s efforts to find solutions to major challenges using cutting edge science. It’s not just a cool factor, they are developing the educational pieces which enhance the Center’s ROOTS & SHOOTS blog, website and other communications to donors and the scientific community.”

Danforth Center graphic

In these infographics, we worked to tie in the Danforth Center‘s uplifting spirit behind their brand and mission—rather than looking at them as standalone projects. Seeing them in the same optimistic light helped as we weaved these new elements into what their audience had come to expect. In addition to tasking us with expressing the brand in a new way, this project gave a pair of our designers the chance to display serious and grounded messages with fresh and whimsical illustration.


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