Using Design to Build Better Relationships for Mercy

Using Design to Build Better Relationships for Mercy

Can a better design make people feel appreciated? And, in turn, help brands and organizations build closer relationships with their audiences?

Of course we feel the answer is yes. And that philosophy is very much on display in our latest print design for Mercy Health Foundation.

Earlier this year, we completed a positioning and messaging project for Mercy Health Foundation. We helped the nonprofit fundraising arm of Mercy evolve the kinds of relationships they have with their donors. Rather than relying on transactions, we gave them the tools they need to build long-term relationships with their core audiences, which will hopefully lead to increases in contributions.

As part of this project, the Foundation turned to us to help them promote an event for some of their largest donors.

To set this piece apart from a standard invitation – and to make invitees feel truly special – we turned to a design that balances elegance and formality with a subdued level of playfulness. And then, as we often do, we added a little flair to make it feel extra special.

That flair might be hard to experience (or feel…) on your screen. The gold foil (yes, that’s gold) is just part of the story.

As with anything remarkable, it’s all about balance, with the printing methods combining old and new. The watercolor backgrounds were digitally printed. The text on the back used time-tested letterpress for a textured, handmade feel. And of course, we said thank you with flair, using the gold to make a bold impression. Literally.

In this hyper-digital world, it’s easy to overlook print design – direct mail in particular. But we believe this only creates an even bigger opportunity to use thoughtful, strategic printed pieces like these to make a lasting connection.

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Rich Heend

Rich Heend

Rich Heend is a senior copywriter for Atomicdust, helping us develop engaging websites, print materials and, as you can see, the occasional blog post. Basically, he reads and rights writes for us. (Oh, and he edits too.)

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