Digital Marketing Manager Sam Heaton Joins Atomicdust

Digital Marketing Manager Sam Heaton Joins Atomicdust

No matter what he’s doing—advising a client on their digital marketing strategy, optimizing a website for SEO or coaching a sports team on the field—Sam Heaton is continually striving for improvement.

That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome him to our team as Digital Marketing Manager.

Sam is originally from Oklahoma, and moved to the St. Louis area to go to Lindenwood University, where he also played lacrosse. A self-proclaimed numbers geek, he graduated with degrees in economics and marketing. He gained experience in data analysis and digital marketing at two local companies before recently joining Atomicdust. In his most recent role at a digital marketing and SEO agency, Sam worked closely with clients to both develop digital strategies and implement and optimize them.

Sam Heaton smiles in the Atomicdust office

He’s passionate about helping businesses grow with marketing strategies that are data-driven, bring in quality leads for the company’s sales team and lead to measurable results—all while making sure the clients understand and feel confident in the plan.

Leading clients goes hand-in-hand with that coaching we mentioned. Sam is a coach and travel director for Project Missouri, a select lacrosse program with roughly 300 Missouri families. He loves helping the players make progress in the sport while also growing as people and athletes.

Sam lives with his new fiancé, Skylar, and their goldendoodle, Dude (inspired by The Big Lebowski). Outside of the pandemic, he loves going to concerts and traveling—with his lacrosse teams and just for fun.

The Atomicdust team is still working from home, so only a handful of us have gotten to meet Sam in person so far. But he’s already brought energy and new ideas to our meetings and client projects, and we’re excited to offer digital marketing support to more companies with Sam on board.

Keep an eye out for more from Sam soon, and join us in welcoming him to our team!



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