Designing Retirement

Designing Retirement

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To many, investment strategy is a mess of numbers, formulas and equations that quickly add up to confusion and frustration. And while they should be planning for a retirement full of traveling, relaxing and spending time with their family and friends, most people have more worrisome thoughts. Thoughts like, “Will I be able to retire when I want to?”, “Will I have enough?” and “How can I be better prepared?”

These concerns can make retirement investing seem like a lot of work. But there’s a way to take all the work out of retirement and it’s called Artesys. Artesys manages retirement accounts for investors. Their goal is to make all types of investors successful investors.

With their brand rollout, we created touchpoints that included web, print and sales presentation tools, including narrated videos and PowerPoint presentations that don’t look like PowerPoint presentations. Investors get the message that Artesys takes the work out of retirement.

Check out our work for Artesys, and while you’re there, browse some other samples of our work.

Danielle Hohmeier

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