Five Benefits of Bringing in Outside Marketing Agency Help

Five Benefits of Bringing in Outside Marketing Agency Help

From repositioning your professional services firm to launching a new consumer product, every branding effort comes with challenges. (We can attest to that.) Working on these large-scale projects internally can be even trickier.

British philosopher Alan Watts put it best, “Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.” The same goes for branding and positioning yourself. It’s extremely difficult to take a step back and think objectively for a rebrand or product launch – on top of juggling your daily to-do list. That’s just one of the benefits of hiring outside marketing help.

Find the Right Fit

With countless marketing firms to choose from, it’s important to find the right fit for your needs. Maybe you want an award-winning firm. Maybe someone with a lot of experience in your industry. Either way, it’s important to choose the right outside help.

Luckily, before you choose a branding agency or consultant, you often have the ability to see their past work. It’s why we update our site, to give you a glimpse into how we work.

When you’ve seen what a company can do, you can be confident in pushing them to create something amazing for your brand.

Work with a Focused Team

When you hire outside help for a branding project, they can focus on one problem at a time. In most cases, we work with clients to make major changes – allowing internal marketing teams to focus on the day-to-day needs.

When you need to rethink how you reach customers or how to distance yourself from the competition, finding the right answer will take time. But when a dedicated team of marketing pros can work toward a single goal, it’s easier to solve those business problems and deliver great results.

Gain a Fresh Perspective

In general, outside teams come in blind to your company and goals. (And that’s a good thing.) Without years at your company, there’s no time to develop internal preferences and biases. They bring a fresh perspective to your company.

While it’s easy to fall into the mindset of “the way things have always been,” an outside marketing team will bring a fresh set of eyes to your unique situation. That’s essential when you’re trying to shake up stale thinking and strategy to do something completely new for your company.

Add Experience and Expertise

Your marketing team likely has a deep understanding of your company and specific industry. As outsiders, we have to build our knowledge about you and the problems you’re facing.

So we start with an extensive amount of research to get up to speed. Then, we combine everything we’ve learned about your business with our marketing experience. With that combined insight, we can go beyond simply making a pretty logo and writing a clever tagline. We create insightful solutions to make a positive impact on your business.

Stay on Track

It’s no secret that marketing is a lot of work. And if you think about how your rebranding project or next product launch is going to impact your workload, there’s sure to be added stress.

Instead of managing your current staff and freelancers collectively, you can work with an entire team through a single point of contact. By managing deadlines and deliverables on our side, we can keep you on schedule for launch day. Which means you can breathe a little easier until then.

All told, hiring a talented outside team should mean less stress for you and better results for your business. When you empower a branding agency with the ability to push your company in a new, exciting direction, great things happen. We’ve seen it time and time again.

WATCH: Ken discusses the benefits of turning to an outside team for your business’ marketing initiatives. Watch below or on YouTube:

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