Waiting to Get Started in Marketing

Waiting to Get Started in Marketing

To say my old friend James Dixson has a lot of hobbies is an understatement. Over the 20 years I’ve know the guy, he has always been a collector of gear for (typically) high-end hobbies.

A glance inside his office today reveals a cornucopia of drone parts, camera gear, camping equipment, and of course, computers. When James is interested in a new hobby, he does something a lot of people do – he buys something to get started.

James is not a runner, but if inspiration struck one day, I’d put money on the way I imagine it would go down.

James would go to a high-end running store and get fitted for custom running shoes. He would likely buy all the latest fitness technology – tracking apps for his phone and Apple watch, athletic headphones and reflective gear.

When it became time for the first run, he would of course try his best, go a couple miles, and return home. The two days of shopping, product research and preparation would amount to 20 minutes of actual activity.

I don’t blame him. A lot of people do this. Running is hard. Especially when you’re out of shape and practice. We know it’s going to be hard, so we distract ourselves from the pain. We entertain ourselves with the latest gear and gadgets to add some comfort to it. But ultimately, it doesn’t really help that much.

No matter what gear you have, the real work is getting started. And doing it again, and again, and again.

What keeps us from doing the work, from relying on the distraction and lure of new tools is a force Steven Pressfield calls “The Resistance.” The Resistance is described as a universal force that has one sole mission – to keep things as they are. If you’re involved with any creative endeavor, or any plan involving six-pack abs, you’ve probably encountered The Resistance.

Over the years, I’ve met with countless businesses and marketers who have talked about how they can’t wait to get started blogging and creating content after their new website goes live. I listen to plans of how people are going to produce video content on a regular basis, finally start using Instagram, or create whitepapers and produce case studies, only to never see any of it happen.

They find themselves waiting on something new to surface before they can get started – a new website, a new camera, a new team member. Whatever they’re missing becomes the focus of why they can’t get started. And the idea of the perfect piece of content wins over something good and actually live.

Marketing takes a lot of hard work and determination. But the reality today is that if you wanted to start writing, there are tools that will help you. If you wanted to make a video, there’s a probably a phone in your pocket. And if you wanted to start running, there’s a street right outside.

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Mike Spakowski

Mike Spakowski

Mike Spakowski is Principal / Creative Director of Atomicdust and is involved with the day-to-day design strategy, art direction and studio management.

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