Atomicdust Earns Two Judges Pick Awards at AIGA Design Show

Atomicdust Earns Two Judges Pick Awards at AIGA Design Show

There’s a well-known story around the office.

In the early days of Atomicdust, the small team (back then just a handful of people) would submit a few projects to the AIGA St. Louis Design Show every year.

And every year, they’d go to the Design Show and walk around the room, searching to see if any of our projects had been selected—they weren’t.

It was several years before the team realized that if your work was accepted, the organization notified you ahead of time… duh.

Since then, our work has been selected numerous times. And this year, we got the notification again. But it wasn’t just one or two of our projects that had been selected. Four Atomicdust projects were featured in this year’s show.

Postcard from the AIGA St. Louis Design Show listing the judges, Judges Picks and all winners

For more than 25 years, the AIGA St. Louis Design Show has invited area agencies, designers and students to submit their best work. This year’s panel of esteemed national judges—Melanie Uribe, David Carson and Raksa Yin—reviewed more than 100 entries and selected the top projects to be featured in the show.

Our selected projects included the Terra brand identity, City Museum brand identity, City Museum website design and St. Louis Language Immersion School brand identity.

AIGA St. Louis Design Show

The Terra brand identity is displayed at the AIGA St. Louis Design Show

Guests at the AIGA St. Louis Design Show listen to opening remarks

AIGA presents Atomicdust with the Judges Pick for City Museum branding

We were excited to hear the news that so many of our projects were selected. And when we attended the showcase on Friday night, even more thrilled to see that two of our projects had earned Judges Pick awards.

The City Museum brand identity and St. Louis Language Immersion School brand identity won two of the show’s three Judges Pick awards—the competition’s top honor.

City Museum brand identity

Creative expression showing how St. Louis Language Immersion School's new branding could live on a bus shelter ad

Working on both the City Museum and St. Louis Language Immersion School projects were remarkable experiences, as both organizations play unique and important roles in our city. We’re proud to have the end results, and in turn, the organizations, be recognized by AIGA St. Louis and the impressive panel of judges.

Kudos to The Narrative for the Design Show branding. And thanks to AIGA St. Louis, the entire design community and especially our phenomenal clients for making it all possible.


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