Atomicdust Designs New Packaging and Website for Goshen Coffee Company

Atomicdust Designs New Packaging and Website for Goshen Coffee Company

Goshen Coffee Company has been serving up uncompromisingly full-flavored, socially conscious whole-bean coffee in the St. Louis area for more than ten years. When a new owner recently took over the shop’s daily duties, Goshen asked Atomicdust to re-imagine its product packaging and website to better reflect and reassert its commitment to unique, bohemian java – as well as their colorful attitude. Atomicdust is filled with coffee addicts and enthusiasts, so we were excited to drink up the challenge.

A bit of research (and experience) showed us that smaller coffee brands can seem elitist and exclusive. Coffee often is perceived as sophisticated, but we wanted to shake that up and make Goshen’s distinguished coffee appear bolder and more creative.

To get a sense of which brands and packaging stood out, we lingered in an awful lot of grocery coffee aisles and got lost in a sea of drab packaging that just looked too similar to one another. We knew we had a great opportunity capitalize on the visual homogeny and make Goshen stand out in a crowded market.

We loved the idea of customers buying Goshen for the packaging as well as the gourmet beans inside, so we wanted Goshen’s new image to be unique to its retail category without being gimmicky. The “Modern Rosie” photo that we discovered from Canadian photographer Michaël Fournier possessed the rebellious, independent underdog attitude we felt was the perfect embodiment of where Goshen had been as a company and where it was headed. There are two variants on the final packaging, with custom labels for each of Goshen’s 25 delicious coffees.

Goshen Coffee Packaging + Branding Design

Goshen Coffee Labels Design for Packaging


The new website reflecting Goshen’s new visual identity came together rapidly. In just a few weeks, we developed a WordPress site that shared Goshen’s philosophy and attitude, brought its new look online and served as a fully functional online store.

Goshen Coffee website design

Goshen Coffee Company is thrilled with our efforts; as soon as we sent our new designs to the owner, he immediately made them his computer desktop image.

The new Goshen packaging is scheduled to give a jolt to retail shelves this fall.

Check out the Goshen Coffee website for the boldest coffee brand around St. Louis.

Mike Spakowski

Mike Spakowski

Mike Spakowski is Principal / Creative Director of Atomicdust and is involved with the day-to-day design strategy, art direction and studio management.

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