Senior Designer Alex Duenwald Joins Atomicdust

Senior Designer Alex Duenwald Joins Atomicdust

This spring and summer have been among our busiest seasons yet at Atomicdust, so we brought on a talented new team member: meet Senior Designer Alex Duenwald.

Alex studied art and design at St. Charles Community College and Missouri State University and started his design career in the commercial real estate industry. His love of architecture lead him to the architecture and interior design industry, where he worked across multiple markets to express his clients’ brands in the built environment through graphic design.

Alex Designed the brand identity for City Foundry STL

Alex's environmental branding work

A poster designed by Alex Duenwald

In addition to impressive aesthetic design abilities, Alex’s skills as a problem-solver and listener make him a fantastic designer. He loves helping people (and companies) express themselves in ways that reflect who they are and what they want to say, and has deep experience creating brand identities and environmental graphics to bring the stories to life.

Alex’s love of design goes beyond still images on the screen. He’s a published photographer, with work appearing in both a book and gallery exhibit about St. Louis. More recently, he’s been taking animation and motion graphics classes.

Alex is Atomicdust’s newest pop culture fan, with a special love for ’80s pop culture— ’80s new wave and Mama’s Family are among his favorites. He’s also a gardener and loves exploring and photographing South City, where he lives with his partner, Paul.

Join us in welcoming Alex to our team!


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