Atomicdust Wins Three GDUSA Health + Wellness Awards

Atomicdust Wins Three GDUSA Health + Wellness Awards

In 2020, the global health and wellness industry topped $3 billion.

It makes sense, even without the harsh reality of a pandemic. With factors like stressful schedules, sedentary lifestyles and chronic conditions affecting our health, we’re flocking to doctors offices, meditation retreats and yoga studios. We want our gluten-free cookies and our CBD gummies. And we need clear, immediate information about the health challenges we’re facing.

Thank goodness for award-winning design! The winners of this year’s GDUSA Health + Wellness Design Awards included edifying websites and innovating packaging ideas.

We’re thrilled to announce Atomicdust won three awards for our work supporting clients in this fast-growing segment of the economy. Keep scrolling to explore our winning projects.


Happy Batch Packaging Design

Our branding for Happy Batch Happy Batch branding and cookie packaging design was based on feel-good messaging and a bright, cheery color palette—perfect for a brand that wanted to give some gluten-free joy to their customers.

Happy Batch cookies packaging design against yellow background


Elsevier Education Website Design

Elsevier has been helping healthcare professionals build knowledge and advance their fields for decades. We were happy to lend some of our design expertise to their new education platform.

The Elsevier Education site designed by Atomicdust


American Association of Orthodontists Website Design

We were all smiles when it came to creating a shiny new website for the American Association of Orthodontists.

AAO website on a tablet on a desk


With so many of Atomicdust’s clients in the healthcare, medical and wellness industries, it’s important that our designs are groundbreaking and engaging. We’re honored to support these clients in the important work they do, and we’re excited to be recognized for our efforts.

If you haven’t checked out GDUSA, visit their website and take a look at some of the cool design work other healthcare marketing professionals across the country are doing!



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