Small Business Monthly Recognizes Atomicdust for Innovation and Marketing

Small Business Monthly Recognizes Atomicdust for Innovation and Marketing

The readers of Small Business Monthly, a St. Louis-based publication covering entrepreneurship, business and strategy, recently selected Atomicdust as leaders in two categories: Most Innovative Companies and Top 5 Best in Business – Marketing Firm.

Now, this is going to sound cliché, but we can’t take full credit—our clients deserve a shout out too.

Every day, we get calls and emails from companies that are interested in working with us to push their business forward. Organizations come to us for help getting in front of the right audiences, increasing lead generation and converting prospects to clients. We are fortunate to partner with businesses that encourage and support innovative thinking.

Our clients understand the value of pushing the envelope, whether that’s creating restaurant branding that mixes old-school rap with video games or launching a healthcare marketing campaign inspired by a classic rom com.

So really, while we appreciate the recognition from Small Business Monthly and its readers, we really have our amazing clients to thank.

And if you’ve got a project that could use a little innovation, give us a call.


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Blaise Hart-Schmidt

Blaise Hart-Schmidt

Blaise’s path to digital marketing began in journalism and took a detour through public relations.

Passionate about storytelling in any medium, her experience with writing, design, strategy and digital marketing combine to help clients build strong marketing plans.

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