Atomicdust Sponsors Webster University Design Camp

Atomicdust Sponsors Webster University Design Camp

St. Louis is a fantastic place to start and advance a career in graphic design, and we love talking with young, new and prospective designers about where design can take them. (Check out this video we shared a few years back with our team’s advice for design students.)

That’s why we jumped at the chance to sponsor Webster University’s Department of Art, Design and Art History (DADAH) summer camp focusing on graphic design. Created for high school students considering design careers and college options, the camp helps students build their skills and portfolios.

Beginning next week, Webster University DADAH faculty and alumni will lead young prospective designers through a design and digital arts curriculum, with small group classes, luncheon lectures and lessons on typography, digital illustration, motion graphics and graphic design. The week will culminate at the Emerging Artists Exhibition, featuring some of the students’ work at Webster University’s Hunt Gallery. (The DADAH is also hosting an art-focused camp this week for high school students interested in pursuing a career in fine art.)

Students who complete the camp and are accepted into Webster University for college can even waive the portfolio review process that’s usually required to get into the DADAH.

Design is at the core of everything we do, from branding and logo design to website design and customer experience design workshops. Webster University’s design camp is something many of our teammates would have loved to participate in when we were in high school.

We’re thrilled to support local students exploring the world of design and are excited to partner with Webster University to help foster a future generation of thoughtful, diverse and creative problem solvers.

Oh and for any graphic design students out there, take a look at this blog post one of our senior designers wrote about what she wishes she’d learned in design school.


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Blaise Hart-Schmidt

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