Atomicdust Brings Home Four w3 Awards for Web Design

Atomicdust Brings Home Four w3 Awards for Web Design

When the pandemic shut the world down, one thing kept running: websites.

Throughout the quarantines, shutdowns and re-openings, websites kept running 24/7. When companies couldn’t exhibit at trade shows or take prospective clients to lunch, their websites could continue answering questions and generating leads.

In short, websites have helped businesses survive and thrive through the ups and downs. So we’re thrilled to have earned w3 Awards for four of our recent website design projects.

The w3 Awards honors outstanding websites and other digital marketing efforts created by agencies and designers worldwide. Judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, the w3 is one of the most prestigious web design awards out there.

We’re proud to announce that, this year, we won four w3 Awards.

Take a closer look at our award-winning entries.


A woman reads Keisha Mabry's website on a laptop

Keisha Mabry – Silver, Consultant Website


AAO website on a tablet on a desk

American Association of Orthodontists – Silver, Association Website


The McCarthy holiday "Share Your Good" website design on an iPad

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. – Silver, Community Website


The Bass Pro Shops web design brand section on a tablet and phone. The website is mobile-responsive.

Bass Pro Shops – Silver, Branding for Websites


The winning sites represent a variety of industries and business types. All of these clients have worked hard to improve their communities, from the AAO providing resources and support to a professional community to Bass Pro Shops’ dedication to conservation efforts. We’re thrilled to have supported each in their important missions.

Congratulations to these amazing clients, and a heartfelt thanks for giving us the opportunity to help you shine.

Holly Sinclair

Holly Sinclair

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