A Different Approach to Web Design for Savoy Services Group

A Different Approach to Web Design for Savoy Services Group

As the saying goes, Rome’s website wasn’t built in a day.

Or something like that.

Either way, websites take time. From start to finish (including research, design, copy, development, testing and launch), and depending on the size of the site, Atomicdust websites usually take between four and six months. But a recent project challenged that.

A few months ago, we were approached by Savoy Services Group, a commercial kitchens installer based in Texas. They’d found Atomicdust through Identity Designed, a design blog featuring our work. Savoy’s team was looking for sophisticated branding and a new website—but with a deadline that was quickly approaching.

We loved Savoy’s business concept. The world of industrial kitchen installations is executed on paper and communicating to all of the parties involved—manufacturers, retailers, deliverers and installers—is often disorganized. But Savoy Services makes the process of building and updating commercial kitchens easy.


A dash of branding.

We started with the logo, using different type treatments and flames. We wondered—was there a way to incorporate the company’s initials, subtly, into the fire?

Sketches of early logo concepts for Savoy Services Group branding

An Atomicdust designer works on the Savoy logo designs

Different logo options for Savoy branding

After a bit of sketching, we landed on a bright orange flame with the company’s initials fused with the blazes.

Savoy Services Group's new logo

For the brand language, we drew inspiration from Savoy’s dedication to detail and highly experienced teams, creating the tagline “Commercial kitchens, artfully installed.” Short, refined copy throughout the site highlights Savoy’s services and the benefits of partnering with the company.

Complementing the copy, black and white photos of kitchens—huge racks of pots and pans, close-ups of fiery grills, and high-energy culinary teams in action—illustrate Savoy’s sophisticated process and stylish results.

Mockups of Savoy's business cards featuring the new branding

The brand visuals and language in place, our designers mocked up the web designs. Savoy didn’t need a big site, just a way for prospects to learn about the company and leave their contact info so a member of Savoy’s sales team could reach out. With only two pages—a home page and a contact page—the design process went quickly.

That’s when things started to deviate from our normal process.

Tight turnaround.

The clock was ticking. Savoy’s team was hoping to launch the new website quickly, and our developers were booked building other sites. To meet Savoy’s goal, we decided to try something new.

Pages from Savoy Services Group's new website design

For Atomicdust’s own website, we often use a WordPress plugin, Elementor, to quickly and easily build landing pages. The more we thought about it, we realized Elementor was a great fit for this website and could help us get the site up fast.

In just a few days, our designer had built Savoy’s new website.

Order up.

Of course, there were still some edits and changes to be made before the site could launch. But we’d found a way to build a beautiful, custom website and still keep the project on-time.

Savoy Website Design on a Tablet


Savoy’s new website and branding are helping establish the business as a state-of-the-art leader in commercial kitchens installation and bring in new leads for its sales team. Sure, the website wasn’t built in a day (I’m not sure that would have been a good thing anyway). But we’re thrilled to have helped Savoy meet their deadline and start turning up the heat on the company’s next chapter.


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