Senior Project Manager Erin Fagan Joins Atomicdust

Senior Project Manager Erin Fagan Joins Atomicdust

Erin Fagan knows how to get things done.

Starting her career with a degree in fine art from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, she later earned a certificate in graphic design from The Creative Circus in Atlanta. While there, Erin held internships in project management and began working as a project manager at several marketing agencies after graduating. She’s managed projects ranging from apps and websites to print pieces and trade shows for a wide range of companies and industries.

Since joining Atomicdust, Erin’s already led the charge to migrate our project management system to a new platform, getting to know every minute detail of our processes along the way. In just a couple short months, she’s managed website launches, kept timelines on track and started forming relationships with both our teammates and clients.

Erin Fagan in the Atomicdust office

Erin loves getting to know people and understanding what motivates them. Her open communication and ability to think quickly on her feet when challenges arise make her a fantastic project manager. We’re delighted to have her on the team.

On the weekends and in her free time, Erin loves to draw and quilt. She’s a fan of scary movies and audiobooks, and spending time with her fiancé, Santi, and his two children.

Join us in welcoming Erin to the team, and make sure to say hi if you see her around.



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